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Fanny Musical Lyrics

Fanny Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Lyrics 
  3. Octopus Song Lyrics 
  4. Restless Heart Lyrics 
  5. Never Too Late For Love Lyrics 
  6. Cold Cream Jar Song Lyrics 
  7. Why Be Afraid To Dance? Lyrics 
  8. Shika, Shika Lyrics 
  9. Welcome Home Lyrics 
  10. I Like You Lyrics 
  11. I Have To Tell You Lyrics 
  12. Fanny 1
  13. Panisse And Son Lyrics 
  14. Wedding Dance Lyrics 
  15. Finale Act I Lyrics 
  16. Act 2
  17. Birthday Song Lyrics 
  18. To My Wife Lyrics 
  19. The Thought Of You Lyrics 
  20. Love Is A Very Light Thing Lyrics 
  21. Other Hands, Other Hearts Lyrics 
  22. Montage Lyrics 
  23. Be Kind To Your Parents

Fanny description

The musical was staged in 1954 on Broadway in 1956 at West End, on the libretto, created in cooperation of S. N. Behrman with J. Logan. H. Rome wrote the music and lyrics. Opening on Broadway was held at Majestic Theatre and went aggregative at quantity of beautiful number 888 hits. It later moved in to another theater, Belasco. Closing took place at the end of 1956. Helen Tamiris was responsible for the choreography, well-known Jo Mielziner performed a stage design and lighting, and the actors were: W. Slezak, F. Henderson, W. Tabbert & E. Pinza. W. Slezak received Tony.

In 1956, the show has arrived in the West End with such actors: J. Pavek, K. K. Scott, R. Morley. Its resurrection took place in 1990 in New Jersey and it was played by such actors: T. Bibb, J. Ferrer, G. S. Irving. The director was R. Johanson.

Sunny California took the show in late 1997, for the winter season of 1997 – 1998, with the actors: P. P. Brandt, C. Hitchcock–Cone, L. Hitchcock–Cone (brother and sister), C. Altman, D. Criss & K. Houston. In London, but not in the West End, the show was in 2005. Its next production was in 2010, where such people worked on it: M. Bruni (director), L. Latarro (choreography), actors: T. Sutherland, E. Shaddow, J. Snyder, F. Applegate, M. McCormick, G. Hearn, P. Lopez & D. P. Kelly. The last production was really the last chronologically because it received mixed reviews and it was decided not to continue the production of a musical.
Release date: 1954
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

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