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Edges: A Song Cycle Musical Lyrics

Edges: A Song Cycle description

This musical was written by 19-year-old graduates of the music college. They became the youngest in the history of the holders of Jonathan Larson Award, which was designed by musical director Jonathan Larson, to promote himself, in second place, and in the first place – to help talented young people who want to start their activities in the development of musicals.

In 2006, after receiving the winnings of USD 20 thousand, they began to make first amateur productions of it and made three dozens of them in universities around the country. The first professional show took place in 2007 in the Big Apple, with such actors: S. Booth, C. Hanlon, F. Alvin & W. Bashor. Justin Paul, one of its creators, has developed the music for this exhibition. This show has survived for more than 100 performances on almost all continents: North America, Eurasia, Africa and Australia.

S. Farb, J. Bell, E. Craig & G. Epstein played in Toronto in 2008, and in 2010 the musical came to Sydney, Kensington. In the same year, the play took place in the Philippines, at a local university, where was for 3 months. Production came in London in 2010, as a non-professional and remained there until 2011.

This was followed by tours on various places: 2011 in South Africa (D. Fick, L. Holland, R. Perold & S. Fourie); 2013 – Singapore (L. Furnell, M. Kaye, B. Kheng & K. Griffin); 2013 – Paris; 2014 – the United Kingdom again.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

Edges: A Song Cycle Lyrics

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