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Dreamgirls Musical Lyrics

Dreamgirls description

Musical was elaborated with long intervals. The original actress, Jennifer Holliday, who was supposed to portray Effie, lead singer of Dreamgirls, which then leaves the band because of pregnancy, renounce twice her role in this musical. The first time she went on shooting of the film series, and then, after her return and participating in several workshops on the project, she noticed that her role was greatly curtailed, and all the preference was given to the second lead-soloist. Still, they rewrote her role, increasing the stage time so she for the third time would join the production team.

On Broadway, production came in 1981, and gave 1521 fantastic performances, being closed only in 1985. Hosting place was Imperial Theatre. Michael Bennett was the producer and director of the project, which was became his huge success on the stage. Actors taking part in the musical were as follows: O. Babatundé, S. L. Ralph, C. Derricks, J. Holliday, B. Harney & L. Devine. The careers of many artists, especially Mrs. Holliday, experienced serious jumps thanks to this musical. The main performer was praised very much for the quality of her participation in this. In addition, a record of one of the songs of Holliday came out on top of Billboard in 1982. In addition to classic awards, relevant for the musicals, music recording received 2 Grammy awards and they both went to Holliday.

US tour was launched in 1983, with such actors: A. Walker, C. Derricks–Carroll, J. Holliday, C. Derricks, L. Riley, L. Clayton & L. L. Brown. The second round, which began in 1985, was longer than the first one, which, because of the high costs, was able to give only 3 performances.

Resuming on Broadway was in 1987, where L. White was in the main role, a protege of Mrs. Holliday.
Release date: 2006
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Dreamgirls Lyrics

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