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Dance of the Vampires Musical Lyrics

Dance of the Vampires description

This musical had many versions, all of which have their roots in ancient legends about Transylvania, which became famous all over with its vampire Count Dracula. It is thanks to his nobility many vampires are portrayed as beautiful & elegant, dressed in expensive clothes of 19th-century fashion, polite young people with manners, knowing a lot of things, from the style to the general issues. The starting point was the creation of the film by Roman Polanski, which he did in 1967, also acted as a youngster-researcher who was looking for vampires.

Originally, the musical was created German-speaking, and then came French version. The English version was in 2002, on the basis of a new scenario. It was played since 1997 in Vienna, Austria, until 2014, when the musical officially for the last time played professionally in Paris, France. Polanski was the director of the first version in Vienna and many others after. The prohibition of his entry to the United States and the fear of being arrested for one of his criminal offenses, which he was trying to remove from himself for decades, made it impossible for this musical to be directed by Polanski in United States. In the rest of the countries, where he could, he put his efforts and was a director. Sonenberg was later invited among the producers of the show, under whose leadership it was decided to rewrite the script for Broadway and to add more humor, 5 jokes on each sheet of the script, namely.

During the elaboration of production for Broadway, it had some problems with fundraising, but later, under the creative leadership of team of Sonenberg–Steinman, the musical has been made, although it initially received very bad and mixed responses.
Release date: 2002
Last Update:February, 24th 2016

Dance of the Vampires Lyrics

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