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Curtains Musical Lyrics

Curtains description

Fred Ebb wrote the lyrics, R. Holmes performed the libretto (based on the unfinished book by Peter Stone), J. Kander was responsible for the music. Some may think that this musical, in which the death described with an excess, had some mystically negative aura, because Fred Ebb also died in the process of its creation before the premiere. In 2006, Los Angeles hosted the pre-Broadway production of the play. This "pre-running" allowed polishing musical based on the comments received and to move it to Broadway, as feedback about it was generally positive. Scott Ellis was the director and R. Ashford was responsible for the choreography. After less than a year, in March 2007, the musical opened on Broadway and stayed there for regular 511 hits and 23 of pre-ones that can be considered a moderate success. The actors were as follows: D. H. Pierce (starred as police detective who saved the whole show), J. Paice, E. Sabella, D. Monk, J. Bolton, K. Ziemba, M. McCormick, M. X. Martin, E. Hibbert, J. Danieley, M. Sikora & N. Racey.

Closing of the musical took place only 16 months later, in 2008. US tour began in 2010, with very limited visiting of cities and Avid Touring Group was the producing company. In the same year, a new opening in Canada, Quebec, was held for limited 5 shows, in the Haskell Opera House. Before that, a year earlier, it was on an international show, in Sweden, where the actors were: V. Blomgren, F. Wahlgren, I. Zerpe & C. Strauch. Australia saw a production in 2010 in the Spotlight Theatre, where the show was running for a month. After a couple of months, the show moved to another Australian Theatre, Arts Theatre, and was there until January of the next year.
Release date: 2007
Last Update:January, 19th 2016

Curtains Lyrics

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