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Class Act, A Musical Lyrics

Class Act, A Lyrics

  1. ACT 1
  2. Light on My Feet Lyrics 
  3. The Fountain in the Garden Lyrics 
  4. One More Beautiful Song Lyrics 
  5. Fridays at Four Lyrics 
  6. Bobby's Son Lyrics 
  7. Charm Song Lyrics 
  8. Paris Through The Window Lyrics 
  9. Mona Lyrics 
  10. Under Separate Cover Lyrics 
  11. Don't Do It Again Lyrics 
  12. Gauguin's Shoes Lyrics 
  13. Don't Do It Again (Reprise) Lyrics 
  14. Follow Your Star Lyrics 
  15. The next best thing to love
  16. ACT 2
  17. Better Lyrics 
  18. Scintillating Sophie Lyrics 
  19. The Next Best Thing To Love Lyrics 
  20. Broadway Boogie Woogie Lyrics 
  21. Better (Reprise) Lyrics 
  22. I Choose You Lyrics 
  23. The Nightmare Lyrics 
  24. Say Something Funny Lyrics 
  25. When the Dawn Breaks Lyrics 
  26. Self Portrait Lyrics 

Class Act, A description

Initially, off-Broadway, a musical played on the Manhattan Theatre Club, opened in October and closed in December 2000. It stayed on the stage only half of the season. Lonny Price, who in real life was a friend of deceased Edward Kleban, acted the leading role in it, and also was the director of this musical. The actors were: D. Hibbard, R. Wills, R. Graff, N. Anderson, J. Freeman, J. Murney & C. Carmello.

This production went on Broadway one year after Millennium, at the beginning of the summer season, in March, where in Ambassador Theatre it lasted for thirty previews and 105 regular performances with such actors: N. Anderson, P. Quinn, D. Hibbard, D. Bullock, R. Graff, J. Blumenkrantz, L. Price & S. Ramirez.

The premiere in Toronto was in 2009 to commemorate the thirties anniversary of the Civic Light Opera Company. In this version of the play the actors were: L. Gibbs, J. Cascone, S. Douglas, C. Moro-Dalicandro, J. Lennick, D. Haines, E. Botosan & J. Kennedy. A distinctive feature of this musical is that in all the productions, wherever they held, leading actor was also a director. In this case, the director was Joe Cascone. Lesley Ansell was responsible for the choreography, and Paul Christman was the musical director. In this setting, the song Don’t Do It Again was lost.

Recording of music on CD was made in February 2001 by RCA Victor Broadway.
Release date: 2001
Last Update:January, 13th 2016

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