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Camelot Musical Lyrics

Camelot Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. March (Parade)
  4. I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight
  5. Simple Joys of Maidenhood
  6. Camelot
  7. Follow Me
  8. C'est Moi
  9. Lusty Month of May
  10. Then You May Take Me to the Fair
  11. How to Handle a Woman
  12. Before I Gaze at You Again
  13. Act 2
  14. If Ever I Would Leave You
  15. Seven Deadly Virtues
  16. What Do the Simple Folk Do?
  17. Fie on Goodness
  18. I Loved You Once in Silence
  19. Guenevere
  20. Finale Ultimo (Camelot Reprise)

Camelot musical description

1960 is the year of the start of the musical in the Majestic Theatre and its closure was only 3 years later, after a total of 875 runs. Stage design and costumes were made with pomp, skillfully and beautifully. The stage design was done by brilliant Oliver Smith, and A. Duquette and later – T. Duquette performed suits. Moss Hart – director and choreography was after Hanya Holm.

The musical received four Tony Awards, and the recording of its music has been a bestseller in the USA for a year and 2 months. The tour was conducted in 1963 – 1964, and in 1965, the presentation of the musical on Broadway was opened. After a successful tour, a year later it was repeated. In 1963, the musical arrives in Australia, where it was held successfully for 2 years.

West End adopted staging in 1964, at Drury Lane, and there it lasted for another 518 performances. In the wake of the success, the film was released in 1967, which starred Hollywood's big star, Vanessa Redgrave (she is still alive; she is 79 years old as of beginning of 2016).

Numerous musical renewals took place over many years, as this story is considered a classic, and therefore it ensures success. Since 1980 until today, the musical has lived for more than 1,000 additional shows. Geography is: New York, Toronto, San Francisco, as well as two national US tours. It is noteworthy that in 2008, the team of the musical was enriched with Christopher Lloyd (who is familiar to many as the crazy professor from Back To The Future or a Martian from My Favourite Martian).
Release date: 1960
Last Update:January, 13th 2016

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