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Bronx Tale Musical Lyrics

Bronx Tale description

A Bronx Tale tells the story of Calogero Anello, a young boy from a working class family who gets involved in the world of organized crime. Calogero's father is a bus driver who tries to instill working-class family values in his son. As Calogero gets older, the aura and mystique of the Mafia, and the charms of Sonny, the local mob boss who befriends Calogero (and ends up becoming a father figure to him), become difficult to resist. As Calogero comes of age, he must struggle with the choice of following his beloved father's values or submitting to the temptations of the life of organized crime.
Release date: 2016
Last Update:June, 25th 2017

Bronx Tale Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Belmont Avenue Lyrics 
  3. Look to Your Hear Lyrics 
  4. Roll 'Em Lyrics 
  5. I Like It Lyrics
  6. Giving Back the Money Lyrics 
  7. I Like It (Reprise) Lyrics 
  8. Ain't It The Truth Lyrics 
  9. Out of Your Head Lyrics
  10. Nicky Machiavelli Lyrics
  11. These Streets Lyrics 
  12. Act 2
  13. Webster Avenue Lyrics 
  14. Out of Your Head (Reprise) Lyrics
  15. One of the Great Ones Lyrics
  16. Ain't It The Truth (Reprise) Lyrics 
  17. Look to Your Heart (Reprise) Lyrics 
  18. One of the Great Ones (Reprise) Lyrics 
  19. Hurt Someone Lyrics 
  20. In a World Like This Lyrics 
  21. The Choices We Make Lyrics 

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