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Bright Lights, Big City Musical Lyrics

Bright Lights, Big City description

Actors who have played in the musical in New York in 1999, when it first took place, were the following: N. Diaz, P. Wilson, J. L. Graney, J. Dixon, A. Milazzo & N. D. Groves. Richard Barone was the conductor of the orchestra. Michael Greif was responsible for the choreography and was the director of the musical. Theatre Workshop hosted the play. Critics and audiences responded to the musical mostly negative, because recently, before the play, in the same theater was staged almost the same with much similar cast, director and all the rest of the crew (what a crucial coincidence!).

In Britain, London, the production took place in 2010 in Hoxton Hall and it was created by the following actors: M. Cormack, P. Ayres, O. Roll, M. Gent, S. Armfield, L. H. Fox, R. Austin, R. Wooding, G . Maguire & J. Jacobs. Sue Knox was the producer, Fabian Aloise was the choreographer and director was Christopher Lane.
Release date: 2005
Last Update:December, 23rd 2015

Bright Lights, Big City Lyrics

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