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Bridges of Madison County, The Musical Lyrics

Bridges of Madison County, The description

Before being played on the Broadway, musical was tested in the Williamstown Theatre in 2013. Director was Bartlett Sher, Jon Weston was a sound engineer, Catherine Zuber was responsible for costumes, Michael Yeargan performed scenic design, Donald Holder was responsible for the lighting. David Brian Brown worked as hairdresser, Ashley Ryan was a makeup artist. The actors were as follows: T. Wright, S. Pasquale, L. Shoop, E. Shaddow, J. Allen, D. H. Jenkins, J. P. Almon, N. Bailey, W. Bashor, C. Kinnunen, M. X. Martin, C. Morgan, K. O'Hara, H. Foster, D. Sharkey, D. Klena, A. Ramey, E. Aardema, L. Marinkovich & K. Klaus.

On Broadway, it opened in early 2014 for the preview and the official start was given to it in February of the same year. It never had a big success; there were only 137 shows, which are quite enough for two seasons. Regular musical, which is set to entertain the audience in the middle-season, when there are no any other super productions. Recording of songs and music from it was performed in the same year, 2014, on CD.

After Broadway, musical went in the national tour, beginning in 2015, in November & it continued through Iowa, California, Texas, Las Vegas, Minnesota & Washington, with a scheduled completion in the mid of 2016.

The Philippines hosted the first international presentation of the musical, since November to December of 2015.
Release date: 2014
Last Update:December, 23rd 2015

Bridges of Madison County, The Lyrics

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  2. To Build a Home Lyrics
  3. Home Before You Know It Lyrics
  4. Temporarily Lost Lyrics
  5. What Do You Call a Man? Lyrics
  6. You're Never Alone Lyrics
  7. Another Life Lyrics
  8. New Wondering Lyrics
  9. Look At Me Lyrics
  10. The World Inside a Frame Lyrics
  11. Something From a Dream Lyrics
  12. Get Closer Lyrics
  13. Falling Into You Lyrics
  14. Act 2
  15. State Road 21/The Real World Lyrics
  16. Who We Are and Who We Want to Be Lyrics
  17. Almost Real Lyrics
  18. Before and After You Lyrics
  19. One Second and a Million Miles Lyrics
  20. When I'm Gone Lyrics
  21. It All Fades Away Lyrics
  22. Always Better Lyrics
  23. Temporarily Lost Lyrics

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