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The film was released in 1988 (after a couple of years it will be possible to celebrate the 30-year jubilee for the occasion), and its musical adaptation appeared in 1996, which was made by the director Mike Ockrent, David Shire wrote the music, and Richard Maltby, Jr., who is not a newcomer in choreography was responsible for one, along with Susan Stroman. Josh Baskin played Josh while he was 12. In various embodiments, the musical was depicted only by children and only by adults or, as in the movie, was the transition between children and adults. Children were acted no worse than adults – they do not need to pretend, they do their acting frankly.

Broadway production began in January and ended in October, after almost 200 productions – a moderate success, it can even say that it is below average. The musical was nominated for 5 Tonies, but hasn’t paid off and has become one of the most costly in terms of losing money (negative financial result).

The tour in the USA was in 1998 and it began in Seattle. J. Piro and J. Newman – the main actors in it & Eric Schaeffer directed it. During the break, which took place between the end of the Broadway show and the start of US tour, the director changed it, reinterpreted and made the play in the format "for the road" – that is, at a minimum, with less scenery.

Rewritten version everyone liked so much more than original and it is still played in different levels, both by amateurs and by professional actors.
Release date: 1996
Last Update:December, 10th 2015

Big Lyrics

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