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Bernarda Alba Musical Lyrics

Bernarda Alba description

The play is the adaptation of a Spanish musical named La casa de Bernarda Alba, which tells of a too strict mom, which herself is in mourning over the death of her second husband as much as 8 years (!). And even her daughters should not arrange their personal lives, despite the fact that they are up to 39 years – just the right age to become grandmothers already.

The writer Federico García Lorca, who was killed in a local Civil War long ago, wrote the same as here, sad and overwhelming scripts of several other dramas. In particular, this work he wrote in 1936 and it is part of his trilogy, which narrates of some sentiments in a small provincial town, lost somewhere in Spain or Mexico.

Everything that happens revolves around a strange neglect of happiness of own daughters by a mother who mourns immensely the death of her husband, forgetting that the most important thing is to live today, providing happiness to all who are involved in the process of life around you. And on stage we have only the mention of men and steadily increasing pressure from the fact that it is impossible to escape from the eternal oppression. Sisters may not start their lives and this oppresses their psychology terribly. There is no one for whom they would live or try for. Therefore, the play is not very popular – in the first place, because of its negative aura.
Release date: 2006
Last Update:December, 09th 2015

Bernarda Alba Lyrics

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