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Ben Franklin in Paris Musical Lyrics

Ben Franklin in Paris description

Sidney Michaels wrote the libretto and lyrics, and the music was done by Mark Sandrich, Jr. together with Jerry Herman. Michael Kidd had directed the Broadway production, which dates back to October 1964, which was able to hold 215 plays in Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. You can evaluate the success of a play as slightly below average.

Team: O. Smith (designer and decorator), Motley (costume designer), J. Brown (illuminator), D. Pippin (sound engineer, arranger), P. J. Lang (Conductor), R. Adams (dance executive).

Cast: R. Preston, R. Gardner, U. Sallert, L. Zeldis, A. Matthews, S. Watson, R. Russel, S. Greene, E. Roll, F. Kiser, G. Ramos, J. Schaefer, S. Roveta, A. Falco, E. Graf, O. Clark, J. Elliot, A. Bartow, M. Charles, C. Fearl, D. Ball, R. LePage, J. Keatts, B. Webster, C. Parks, R. Schwinn, A. Maye, B. Kaliban, H. Harris, M. Crawford, J. Taliaferro, B. Bossert, S. Getz, L. Jones, J. Fletcher, S. France, H. Mazzini & K. Andrews.

Author of libretto was nominated for a Tony Award, but unfortunately, he did not get one. The album was recorded by Capitol Records.

The resurrection of the musical took place only one time for a couple of months – at the end of 2008 and it was not raised any time since then.
Release date: 1964
Last Update:December, 09th 2015

Ben Franklin in Paris Lyrics

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