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Bat Boy Musical Lyrics

Bat Boy description

Actors Gang Theatre hosted the first staging in year of 97. For choreography was responsible Derick LaSalla and Keythe Farley was the director. After the show of the play during off-Broadway existence, choreography was made by Christopher Gattelli, and director was Scott Schwartz.

The actors that played in the pre-Broadway show in the Union Square Theatre were: J. P. Potter K. Brier, D. Hardeman, K. Butler, T. A. Kendall, S. Kurtzuba, J. Price, K. Hopkins, R. Pruitt, D. Storm, D. May, S. McCourt & J. T. Egan. Music Director was Alex Lacamoire and J. Debord helped him. Musicians were: G. Skaff (guitar), J. Lang (French horn), E. Fast (drums), J. LeBlanc (cello), J. E. Pugh (trombone), M. Rubano (bass), C. Anderson (flute + oboe) & R. Millikan (trumpet).

Playhouse of the West Yorkshire was a place where the show ran before the West End and latter has held this staging in 2004, 7 years after the initial launch, in the Theatre of Shaftesbury. After 5 months, in 2005, it was closed, which can be counted as a moderate success. During this performance, the following actors starred in it: E. Williams, J. Barr, R. Vere & D. May, among others.

In 2002, the play went to Indianapolis & Montana’s play took place in 2003 & 06. Currently, the rights to his are possesses by Dramatists Play Service.
Release date: 2001
Last Update:December, 09th 2015

Bat Boy Lyrics

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