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Ace Musical Lyrics

Ace description

R. Taylor & R. Oberacker made a book and lyrics (and the latter made a music accompany), so that musical is based on their work. It is about a boy who had to separate his mother (some time she had to spend in the mental facility). He gets acquainted with the past of his mother (and perished father) and understands that there are actual deep reasons for what mother, Elizabeth, did (unwilling for living, she swallowed lots of medications caused her unawakening).

His father, Ace, died in Siam skies and a boy sees in a dream closer to the final part, that Ace comes back to him and says that he is absolutely free now and legible to fly, no matter what it is – a plane or the skies. A plot is revealed to us standing on two major points – the relations with new family of a boy who was adopted by new family after his mother wanted to commit suicide; and a discovery of many events from mother’s past life from the diaries, received by boy from her.

The premiere was in Saint Louis, Missouri, in 2006 and lasted for couple of years, until the Sept., 28, 2008. At first, plot was slightly different:

- A boy was named as Billy, not Danny (he received a new name only in 2008);

- Diaries that are the main source of the information, were dreams, via which the boy (and his new friend, Emily, eventually added) opened the mysteries of his parents.

Probably, such metamorphoses had to be done to make a plot better understandable for broader masses of people, though it is just our personal opinion.

This musical was in Cincinnati (Ohio), Missouri, San Diego (California) and Virginia. It has over 15 songs. It was nominated for Kevin Kline Awards, winning six out of twelve: for costumes, best new play, lightning design, set design, sound design and best lead actor.
Release date: 2006
Last Update:December, 02nd 2015

Ace Lyrics

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