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9 to 5 Musical Lyrics

9 to 5 description

Songs were composed by Dolly Parton. The libretto was developed by Patricia Resnick. The New York’s readings of the show started in January 2007. The production undertook director Joe Mantello. The musical had cast of T. Ullman, A. Ripley, M. Hilty & M. Kudisch. In June 2007, New York hosted a weeklong workshop, which developed the theatrical. Show was produced by J. Mantello. The cast involved A. Janney, S. J. Block, M. Kudisch, M. Hilty & A. Karl. The world premiere took place in Los Angeles’ Ahmanson Theatre. It was staged there from September to October 2008. Production was carried out by director J. Mantello and choreographer A. Blankenbuehler. The histrionics involved A. Janney, M. Kudisch, S. J. Block, M. Hilty, A. Harada & T. Ross.

Tryouts on Broadway began in April 2009. The musical was in the Marquis Theatre from late April to September 2009, with 24 preliminaries and 148 regular performances. Production was directed by J. Mantello and A. Blankenbuehler. The show included this list of actors: A. Janney, S. J. Block, M. Hilty, M. Kudisch, K. Fitzgerald, C. Pollock & A. Karl. From September 2010 to July 2011, there was a national tour. Spectacle has been developed by director and choreographer Jeffrey Calhoun. The tour had the following cast: D. Hoty, D. DeGarmo, M. Parris & J. Mahowald. From October 2012 to July 2013, there was a British tour production, carried out by director Jeff Calhoun and choreographer Lisa Stevens. In the show were involved: J. Clune, A. Lennox, N. Casey, B. Langford, B. Richards & M. Willshire. From August to October 2013, there was a play in Illinois Marriott Theatre, developed by director David H. Bell and choreographer Matt Raftery. The performance had cast: K. Cramer, S. Moniz, A. Palkovic & J. Moye. The musical was nominated for several awards.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:August, 19th 2016

9 to 5 Lyrics

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