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70, Girls, 70 Musical Lyrics

70, Girls, 70 description

The libretto was developed by N L. Martin & F. Ebb. Adaptation did J. Masteroff. Music composed by J. Kander. Lyrics were written by F. Ebb. In March 1971, Forrest Theatre Philadelphia held a regional premiere of a show. Trial performances on Broadway began in April 1971, in the Musical Broadhurst Theatre from mid-April to May 1971. There were shown only 9 preliminaries and 35 regular performances. Production was carried out by director P. Aaron and choreographer O. White, with these actors: H. Conried, M. Natwick, L. Roth, J. Faye, D. Freitag, L. Hayman, H. Jacobson & G. Lamb. In July 1971, the Starlight Theatre, located in Kansas City, hosted the exhibition of the new production. The main role was performed by N. Andrews.

From June to August 1990, during the Chichester Festival, Minerva Theatre hosted the British version of the theatrical. The production was undertaken by director Paul Kerryson. The cast was following: P. Hinton, B. Greene, S. Powell, B. Skeggs, J. Savage, F. Carby & J. Stewart. A year later was made the West End version of the theatrical. The performance was in the Vaudeville Theatre from July to September 1991, with 112 appearances. The director was P. Kerryson. The cast consisted of: D. Bryan, B. Greene, J. Savage, B. Skeggs, S. Powell, S. Voss & L. Howe. In January 2000, the Theatre at St. Peter's Church hosted five appearances of the play, developed by director M. Leeds with the following cast: J. Powell, J. Connell, H. Gallagher, G. S. Irving & C. Rae. From March to early April 2006, New York City Center shown it within the ‘Encores!’ program. It was directed by K. Marshall. The cast involved G. S. Irving, O. Dukakis, C. Cook, B. Dishy & M. Price. In 1972, the musical was nominated for 1 Tony Award.
Release date: 1971
Last Update:August, 19th 2016

70, Girls, 70 Lyrics

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