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1776 Lyrics

Songs were composed by Sherman Edwards. Libretto wrote Peter Stone. In February and March 1969, New Haven’s Shubert Theatre and Washington's National Theatre hosted pre-Broadway productions. Tryouts on Broadway began in mid-March 1969. The musical was in the 46th Street Theatre until December 1970, then it moved to St. Petersburg James Theatre, where it was held until March 1971. The next stage of the show was in the Majestic Theatre. It ended in February 1972, after 5 preliminaries and 1217 regular performances. Production was carried out by director Peter Hunt and choreographer Onna White. The cast involved D. Ford, W. Daniels, R. Poole, H. D. Silva, P. Hecht & C. David. From 1970 to 1972 were productions of national tour.

In June 1970, New Theatre started hosting the London production. It had 168 appearances. Production was prepared by P. Hunt and O. White. The musical had this cast: B. Horsfall, L. Fiander, T. Steedman, R. Radd, B. Lloyd, D. Morton & J. Quentin. Tryouts of the new version for Broadway started in July 1997. Production took place in the Criterion Center Stage Right from August to November 1997. Then it moved to George Gershwin Theatre, where was featuring from December 1997 to June 1998, holding 34 preliminaries and 333 regular performances. The theatrical was developed by director Scott Ellis and choreographer Kathleen Marshall. The performance had this cast: R. Poe, B. Spiner, T. Aldredge & T. R. Farrell. In April 2016 the show took place in New York City Center within ‘Encores!’. This production was carried out by director Garry Hynes and choreographer Chris Bailey. The spectacle involved S. Fontana, J. Larroquette, B. Pinkham & J. Behlmann.
Release date: 1969
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