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West Side Story Musical Lyrics

West Side Story description

The libretto was developed by A. Laurents. The music composed by L. Bernstein. Lyrics written by S. Sondheim. Tryouts were held at the Washington National Theatre in Philadelphia’s Erlanger Theatre. In September 1957 in the Winter Garden Theatre, there was a premiere of Broadway’s production. In March 1959, the show moved to Broadway Theatre. From May to June 1959, the histrionics was held again in the Winter Garden Theatre. There have been shown 732 performances. Production realized the director J. Robbins and choreographer P. Gennaro. The show had cast: M. Calin, L. Kert, E. Roll, K. L. Roy, C. Lawrence & C. Rivera. In 1960, in the Winter Garden Theatre was renewed spectacle. It held 253 appearances. In December 1958, Her Majesty's Theatre hosted the premiere of the London production. It has ended in June 1961, after 1040 performances. The production was developed by J. Robbins & P. Gennaro. The following cast was there: K. L. Roy, D. McKay, M. Watters, C. Rivera & G. Chakiris.

From April to May 1964 in New York City Center was a new version of the play. The director was G. Freedman, choreographer – T. Abbott. 31 performances were shown and it had such cast: J. Migenes, L. Lisa, J. Moore, D. McKay & J. Norman. From June to September 1968 in New York State Theatre was a new version of the histrionics, starring K. Peterson and V. Mallory. From February to November 1980, the Minskoff Theatre showed revised Broadway production with the cast: J. de Guzman, K. Marshall, J. J. Mellon & D. Allen. In 1973, 1984 and 1998, several updated British versions of the musical were created. From March 2009 to January 2011, the Palace Theatre hosted the third Broadway production with the participation of M. Cavenaugh, M. Hydzik, J. Jordan, M. Shingledecker, J. Scaglione & S. Amenqual.
Release date: 1957
Last Update:July, 21st 2016

West Side Story Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue Lyrics
  3. Overture Lyrics
  4. Jet Song Lyrics
  5. Something's Coming Lyrics
  6. Dance at the Gym Lyrics
  7. Maria Lyrics
  8. Balcony Scene (Tonight) Lyrics
  9. America Lyrics
  10. Cool Lyrics
  11. One Hand, One Heart Lyrics
  12. Tonight (quintet) Lyrics
  13. Rumble Lyrics
  14. Act 2
  15. I Feel Pretty Lyrics
  16. Somewhere Lyrics
  17. Gee, Officer Krupke! Lyrics
  18. Boy Like That/I Have a Love Lyrics
  19. Finale Lyrics

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