So Long, 174th Street Musical Lyrics

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So Long, 174th Street Lyrics

  1. Overture   add
  2. David Kolowitz, The Actor   add
  3. It's Like   add
  4. I'm Undressing Girls with My Eyes   add
  5. Bolero on Rye   add
  6. Whoever You Are   add
  7. Say the Words   add
  8. You   add
  9. My Son, The Druggist   add
  10. You Touched Her   add
  11. Men Men Video  add
  12. Boy, Oh Boy   add
  13. Butler's Song Butler's Song Video  add
  14. Being with You   add
  15. If You Want to Break Your Mother's Heart If You Want to Break Your Mother's Heart Video  add
  16. So Long, 174th Street   add

Libretto has been written by J. Stein. S. Daniels created songs. Try-outs started in Harkness Theatre in mid-April 1976. At the Broadway, the production was held from late April to May 1976, with 6 preliminaries and 16 regular performances. Production of the show was realized by director B. Shevelove and choreographer A. Johnson. The cast was: R. Morse, G. S. Irving, L. Ackerman, R. Barry, C. Beard, J. Howard, L. Goodman & M. Jason. In the 1996-1997 season, the histrionics has been presented in American Jewish Theatre. In March 1999, theatrical took place in NYC’s Sol Goldman 14th Street YMHA under the direction of T. Mills. The show had such cast: S. Carter-Hicks, M. Einhorn, A. Gitzy, G. S. Irving & J. Robbins.

In 2007, the revised spectacular was renamed as ‘Enter Laughing: The Musical’. Production took place in the Theatre at St. Peter's Church in September 2007. The show has been staged by director & choreographer S. Ross. In the performance played such actors: J. Grisetti, K. Hopkins, B. Adler, G. S. Irving & M. Tucker. From September to October 2008, a new version of the musical was shown at NYC’s Theatre at St. Peter's. The play was again produced by S. Ross with such cast: E. Shoolin, J. Grisetti, R. Sapp, J. Eikenberry, J. LaManna, G. S. Irving, M. Castle & R. Demattis. From January to March 2009, the York Theatre at St. Peter's hosted a re-run of the performance. In the cast, there were minor changes – added artists M. Schaffel & B. Dishy. Then the musical moved to the Bay Street Theatre, located in Sag Harbor. Production there took place from August to September 2011, realized by S. Ross. The cast involved: J. Grisetti, J. Eikenberry, M. Tucker, K. Shindle, R. Kind, E. Devine & E. Mann.
Release date: 1976
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