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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture 
  2. David Kolowitz, The Actor 
  3. It's Like 
  4. I'm Undressing Girls with My Eyes 
  5. Bolero on Rye 
  6. Whoever You Are 
  7. Say the Words 
  8. You 
  9. My Son, The Druggist 
  10. You Touched Her 
  11. Men Men Video
  12. Boy, Oh Boy 
  13. Butler's Song Butler's Song Video
  14. Being with You 
  15. If You Want to Break Your Mother's Heart If You Want to Break Your Mother's Heart Video
  16. So Long, 174th Street 

So Long, 174th Street synopsis

So Long, 174th Street Synopsis - Broadway musical

It is the end of the 1930s. Great American Depression is ongoing. Young David lives and works in New York’s disadvantaged area. His Jewish parents wanted him to become a pharmacist, as the drugs would be necessary for people at all times. 19-year-old boy did not aspire to this, but still, obedient David decided to save money to study at the Pharmacy School. The young man began working in Mr. Forman’s car workshop. The owner wanted to teach him his business so David could continue his garage. Despite plans for the parents and a boss, young man dreamed of other – he wanted to become an actor. One day, at the urging of his friend Marvin, he decided to pass the audition in a theater troupe of Harrison B. Marlowe.

Admiring actor Ronald Colman, young David took the pseudonym Donald Colman. Despite the outward lack of acting talent, the young man passed it. He agreed that he would pay $5 per week for learning artistic skills. Parents of David, like his boss, were amazed that the young man was able to get the lead role in a theater production. A close friend Wanda supported a boy, though doubted in the correct choice of a young man. Continuing during the day to work in the workshop, at night the young actor was rehearsing his role.

Leading actress of the show Angela – the daughter of Harrison B. Marlowe – began to show a great intimate interest for David, that really did not like her father. Debuting in third-grade staging, the young man made a lot of mistakes, though his failures on the stage looked very comical. Despite this, he has not given up his dream of becoming an actor. Soon parents, Mr. Forman and Wanda resigned with the fact that the young man has chosen his own path in life. Although a mother continued to worry much, that her son had refused such credible and reliable profession as a pharmacist.
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