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Secret Garden, The Musical Lyrics

Secret Garden, The description

The script & the lyrics of the histrionics were written by M. Norman. Music created by L. Simon. World’s premiere was in the Norfolk Wells Theatre, located in the state of Virginia. The performance took place from November to December 1989. The production was directed by R. J. Cutler. Try-outs before Broadway began in April 1991. Production was held in St. James Theatre from late April 1991 until January 1993 with 23 preliminaries & 709 regular performances. In production were engaged director S. H. Schulman & choreographer M. Lichtefeld. The performance had such cast: R. Luker, D. Eagan, M. Patinkin, A. Fraser & J. Babcock. In July 1995, the theatrical showed in Melbourne Paper Mill Playhouse. The director & choreographer was D. Holdgrive. In the show was involved such cast: C. Bebout, G. Crampton, S. Douglas, C. Hudson, R. Johanson & K. Rice.

In July 1995, began the Australian tour of the musical. It was directed by S. H. Schulman & M. Lichtefeld. The tour included this cast: S. Fiddes, B. Ritchie, A. Warlow, P. Quast, M. Prior, T. Blair & J. Salter. In November 2000, began British production’s previews. Musical was shown in Stratford Royal Shakespeare Theatre from November 2000 to January 2001, under the direction of A. Noble & choreographer G. Lynne. The show had such cast: P. Quast, P. Polycarpou, L. Hateley, C. Purnell, N. Morgan & T. E. Dick. Afterwards, the musical moved to London, to the Aldwych Theatre, where it was from February to June 2001. In October 2015, in the Manhattan’s Lincoln Center & in January 2016 in Lucille Lortel Theater, this histrionics was produced as the concept. Broadway’s show was nominated for several awards.
Release date: 1991
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Secret Garden, The Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Opening (Clusters of Crocus) Lyrics
  3. There's A Girl Lyrics
  4. The House Upon The Hill Lyrics
  5. I Heard Someone Crying Lyrics
  6. If I Had A Fine White Horse Lyrics
  7. A Girl In The Valley Lyrics
  8. It's A Maze Lyrics
  9. Winter's On The Wing Lyrics
  10. Show Me The Key Lyrics
  11. A Bit Of Earth Lyrics
  12. Storm I Lyrics
  13. Lily's Eyes Lyrics
  14. Storm II Lyrics
  15. Round-Shouldered Man Lyrics
  16. Final Storm Lyrics
  17. Act 2
  18. The Girl I Mean To Be Lyrics
  19. Quartet Lyrics
  20. Race You To The Top Of The Morning Lyrics
  21. Wick Lyrics
  22. Come To My Garden/Lift Me Up Lyrics
  23. Come Spirit, Come Charm Lyrics
  24. A Bit Of Earth (Reprise) Lyrics
  25. Disappear Lyrics
  26. Hold On Lyrics
  27. Letter Song Lyrics
  28. Where In The World Lyrics
  29. How Could I Ever Know Lyrics
  30. Finale Lyrics

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