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Pirate Queen, The Musical Lyrics

Pirate Queen, The description

The debut of the musical took place in Chicago in October 2006. Previews on Broadway started in the Hilton Theatre in March 2007. After 85 performances & 32 previews, show was closed. Director was F. Galati. Choreographers – G. Daniele, C. L. Joyce & M. Dendy. Composer & kapellmeister was J. Kelly. L. Balgord, who played the role of the Queen of England, was nominated for Drama Desk.

In July 2007, a recording studio, following the order from Masterworks Broadway, released a CD containing the major music parties. In 2015, the musical was staged in London. The initiator was the Hounslow company. The London production was directed by B. Compton. Music direction was performed by J. Hall. The main roles played in the production by: C. G. Misa, S. J. Block, S. Barath, L. Balgord, B. Elliott, H. Fraser, Á. U. Cheallaigh, M. Chait, W. Youmans & J. McCarthy.

Despite the catchy plot, critics greeted musical coldly. In The New York Times was published an article, where was noted that the music part of the show in many ways was similar to the Les Misérables’ accompaniment, which at that time was a relic of history. Other critics noted that the plot was unusually exciting & the actors managed to do the main thing – to establish a connection with the audience & involve them in the action.
Release date: 2007
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

Pirate Queen, The Lyrics

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  2. Prologue Lyrics
  3. The Pirate Queen Lyrics
  4. Woman Lyrics
  5. My Grace Lyrics
  6. Here On This Night Lyrics
  7. The Waking Of the Queen Lyrics
  8. Rah-Rah, Tip-Top Lyrics
  9. The Choice Is Mine Lyrics
  10. Boys'll Be Boys Lyrics
  11. The Wedding Lyrics
  12. I'll Be There Lyrics
  13. A Day Beyond Belclare Lyrics
  14. Sail To the Stars Lyrics
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  17. Enemy At Port Side Lyrics
  18. I Dismiss You Lyrics
  19. If I Said I Loved You Lyrics
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  22. Let a Father Stand By His Son Lyrics
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  24. She Who Has All Lyrics
  25. The Sea Of Life Lyrics
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