Pipe Dream (musical) (lyrics, songs)

Musical was created by writer O. Hammerstein II & composer R. Rodgers. Broadway premiere took place in late November 1955 in the Shubert Theatre. The show has ended in June 1956 after 246 performances. Staging was by director H. Clurman and choreographer B. Runanin. The performance had such cast: W. Johnson, J. Tyler, H. Traubel, G. D. Wallace, K. Harvey, J. Heller, M. Kellin, R. Smith, N. Andrews & R. Kobart. In 1981, the musical has been featured in the LA’s Conejo Players Theatre. In July 1995, production took place in 42nd Street Moon – in San Francisco’s New Conservatory Theatre. The director of the play was F. Coppola. The cast was: P. Christenson, B. Wilmurt, J. Friedman, J. Mark, T. Michaels, S. Plaskett & S. Sharp. From May to June 2002, 42nd Street Moon hosted a re-run of the theatrical. Production also took place in the Eureka Theatre. The main roles in the play were performed by M. Mackay, M. Henderson & J. Davis.

From March to April 2012, the musical was in Encores! in NY. Production was performed by director M. Bruni and choreographer K. Barclay. The show involved cast: W. Chase, L. Osnes, L. Uggams, T. Wopat, J. Clow, J. Moye, S. Routman & S. Wallem. In September 2012, an album was released with the recording of this concert. From July to August 2013, the histrionics was in London's Union Theatre, directed by S. Regan & choreographed by L. Gee. The performance had cast: K. Brown, C. Scott, D. Haydn, N. Martland, J. Hicks, S. Landers & V. Gilchrist. The musical has received 9 nominations for Tony and won it in one category.
Release date: 1955
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Pipe Dream lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Lyrics   add
  3. All Kinds Of People Lyrics   add
  4. The Tide Pool Lyrics The Tide Pool Video  add
  5. Everybody's Got A Home But Me Lyrics Everybody's Got A Home But Me Video  add
  6. On a Lopsided Bus Lyrics On a Lopsided Bus Video  add
  7. The Bum's Opera Lyrics The Bum's Opera Video  add
  8. The Man I Used To Be Lyrics The Man I Used To Be Video  add
  9. Sweet Thursday Lyrics Sweet Thursday Video  add
  10. Suzy Is A Good Thing Lyrics   add
  11. All At Once You Love Her Lyrics All At Once You Love Her Video  add
  12. Act 2
  13. The Happiest House On The Block Lyrics   add
  14. The Party That We're Gonna Have Tomorrow Night Lyrics The Party That We're Gonna Have Tomorrow Night Video  add
  15. Will You Marry Me? Lyrics   add
  16. Thinkin' Lyrics Thinkin' Video  add
  17. All at Once You Love Her (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  18. How Long? Lyrics   add
  19. The Next Time It Happens Lyrics The Next Time It Happens Video  add
  20. Finale Lyrics   add
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