You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown synopsis

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown Synopsis - Broadway musical

Charlie Brown was listening how his young friends were expressing own opinions about him. Comrades admitted that he was a good person. The boy thought whether this was true. Charlie decided to find out how to become a good person. One day, the boy began to realize that he is doing badly. Suddenly he saw a little red-haired girl. Brown wanted to sit next to her, but he lacked the courage to do that. Lucy was in love with Schroeder. She asked him what he thinks of the idea of marriage. A boy knew about the feelings of a girl, but decided to stay on the sideline and continued to play the piano. Lucy knew that her aunt was right in saying that she should not discuss such things with musicians. Sally was sad because of tangled jumping-rope.

Lying in his doghouse beagle Snoopy dreamed of the jungles and wild animals. But it soon returned to reality. Appeared Linus, as usual, was wrapped-up in a blanket. Lucy and Sally began teasing him because of that. It made the boy take off his imaginary cloak. Trying to give up the habit was unsuccessful. As soon as the girl left, Linus began to dream of a place where he could quietly wear his blanket. Returned Lucy admitted that she wanted to be a queen. When the boy did not support her fantasies, she had almost hit him. Charlie was trying to fly a kite. When he was able to do it, he was pleased. But then the kite fell on the tree. Distressed, Charlie decided to switch to a more pleasant thing – he tried to give the red-haired girl valentine postcard. Dismayed, boy confused all words and wished her a Merry Christmas.

Realizing his stupid behavior, Charlie went to see a psychiatrist Lucy. The girl listened to his concerns and said – boy was good precisely because he was himself. Then Lucy demanded payment for her reception. Schroeder was happy as the day of birth composer Beethoven came. The rest of the company joined him in that celebration. Linus, Lucy, Schroeder and Charlie began to compile reports for their book. Girl was just chatting, fulfilling the plan in 100 words. Schroeder made a comparison between their magazine and Robin Hood. Linus did complicated psychological analysis. Charlie thought about what he wanted to write. Meanwhile, Sally and Snoopy were chasing rabbits. Puppy in the form of the First World War’s pilot climbed onto the doghouse and began to imagine an air fight. Defeated, beagle went back to the French base in its mind. Sally and Schroeder have started to discuss a new model of behavior of the girl that she began to apply to homework. The boy was unable to convince her that it cannot be called a philosophy.

Charlie Brown and his friends took part in a little baseball league. Their team has had some success, but the boy again had no luck in the game, and they withdrew from the struggle. When Lucy and Linus had a fight, the girl realized that she was easily irritated. Behavior of friends forced Charlie to escape from singing with Schroeder. The boy went to calm them down, and his relationship with Lucy deteriorated. Snoopy thought the owner forgot that he had to bring a dinner for his dog. When Charlie came home with food, beagle started singing. The boy had to remind the puppy of the dinner. In the evening, Brown found a pencil thrown out by his little red-haired love. Finding teeth marks on it, Charlie realized – the girl is real, and therefore, there is a chance to express his feelings to her. He soon made peace with Lucy. Now the boy understood – to be a good person, it is necessary to do the right things for other people.
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