West Side Story synopsis

West Side Story synopsis

West Side Story Synopsis - Broadway musical

The two gangs – Jets, consisting of white & Sharks, including the Puerto Ricans – fought for control in West Side district. The leader of the first ones decided on the next dance to challenge Bernardo, the leader of the second. Riff called for challenge the gang’s member who grew up & now was working at a pharmacy, Tony. At first, he refused, but then he allowed himself to be persuaded. The newly arrived Maria worked in the store along with Anita, the girlfriend of his brother Bernardo, Sharks’ leader. A girl was supposed to marry Chino, but she did not feel any senses to him. Anita helped her prepare the dress for dancing. During the party, Jets’ & Sharks’ representatives started struggled in the dance. Seeing each other, Tony & Maria stopped noticing others. Soon they began to dance. Then brother sent her home. Bernardo & Riff agreed to hold a meeting on neutral territory. Tony fell in love with Maria at a first sight. He came to her house & started singing serenades under her window. When a girl came out onto the fire escape, the young people explained each other in their feelings.

During the meeting, participants of bands confirmed – only fists are allowed during the battle. Bernardo was thinking that he would have to fight Tony, but Riff stood against him his the second fighter. Maria found out in the morning from Anita about the upcoming fight. She asked Tony to stop the planned clash. The young man promised to do everything he could. The boy & the girl began to dream about the wedding. During the fight, Tony tried to convince Bernardo to stop the fight. But in response, he heard nothing but ridicule. When the Sharks leader pushed him, Riff hit Bernardo. Tony tried to stop a broke out fight. By chance, he caused the death of his friend from Bernardo’s knife. In anger, the boy killed the leader of Sharks. When there was the sound of police sirens, shocked Tony realized that now on his hands was the blood of Maria’s brother. He was hardly persuaded to flee from the crime scene.

Maria was is ignorance thinking about her beloved. When Chino came home & told about Bernardo’s death by Tony’s hand, woman did not believe him. But then her beloved confirmed this to Maria. Puerto Rican girl could not start to hate him, because her love was stronger than family ties. Young people have agreed on a joint flee. Soon members of the Jets gang learned that armed with a gun Chino is looking for Tony. They also began to search for their friend. When upset Anita came to killed Bernardo’s house, she saw a young man leaving from Maria. Angry at first, she then realized that their feelings were stronger than death. Anita told her friend about Chino & his gun. She later agreed to send a message to Tony.

When a girl went to look for the young man, she was attacked by Jets. They were stopped by the pharmacy owner. Angry Anita deceived members of the gang, saying that Chino has shot Maria dead. The pharmacist told Tony about her words, who dreamed of a peaceful & happy life with his beloved. The young man went to Chino, so he shot him too. At the last moment, the young man was able to see alive Maria. Beloved died at the hands of a girl. Members of both bands decided to figure out their relationship over Tony's body. Taking the gun, Maria said she would shoot any of them, because they were guilty of all the deaths occurred. But she did not have the guts to do it. Teenagers from both bands came to the body of Tony & helped Maria carry him. Their feud ended.
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