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Forever Beautiful lyrics

Forever Beautiful

These portraits... they trap me in amber. They will not age. They will live forever.

My Dali dear,
That mad surrealist,
He made me beautiful
Forever Beautiful
My eyes like gems,
Notice, please, each tiny lash
Would you believe he painted with his own mustache?

Raoul Dufy,
A brilliant colorist
He made me beautiful
Forever Beautiful
A few deft strokes
Poppy red and iris blue
In my small way I do know something of this too

Made women glorious
Made women glamorous
Used all my art to halt the march of time
I slowed it down a bit,
There is no stopping it,
But in a painting it is always your prime

Tamara de Lempicka
She was bisexual
You see her love for me,
But it's sub-textual
My lifelong fight
Is to keep my figure trim
But now I eat 'cause Giacometti keeps me slim

MAN #1 (speaking):
Seven guest rooms. When was the last time she even had a visitor?

MAN #2 (speaking):
She's old, and scared.

MAN #1 (speaking):
Wouldn't you be?

Good, go then, you money men
I read your beady eyes:
'Vain old lady all alone
In bed until she dies'

I admit,
I am a little bit afraid to meet death,
But with brilliant eye for art,
When I depart,
I'll cheat death

With my Picasso
His early cubist years
I posed no clothes with him,
Thank God, who knows with him?
He says 'Your ears are like elephant in size'
I say from you, well, who can tell from ears or eyes?

When I was girl of eight,
My papa sneered at me
A plainer face he'd never seen before
I said to hell with fate,
I'll mold my destiny,
Packed my satchel and walked right out the door

From discontented life
Without a cent I was
Became a name the world could not ignore

I reinvent my life
As every artist does
I had nothing
I knew nothing
I only know there must be something more
So much more

Look at them all
Their light will never dim
If death should come for me,
They bar the door on him
Though flesh may fade,
Canvas lives immortally,
And there I'll hang from now through all eternity

Who gives a damn?
No children visit me
These are my progeny
Each an exquisite me

Who says I'm old?
I look at my life so far
And I am beautiful
And I feel beautiful
Forever beautiful
When you feel beautiful,
You are
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