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Unsinkable Molly Brown, The review

Musical comedy on stage and screen immortalized among Americans and opened to wide European audience the name of Margaret Brown – activist and a fashionable lady, one of the real survivors of Titanic liner amongst passengers. Margaret grew up in poverty and rose up to fame and fortune using only her own efforts.

In fact, this histrionic, as a representative of the golden classics of Broadway, embodies a true ‘American dream’. Poor girl, and no less poor at first her fiancé, at the end gain monetary wealth and universal recognition. The couple was adopted even by very capricious with its subtle flavors secular society. All this grace fell into their hands not because of family ties, nor because of a rich uncle, who left a legacy, but only because of their own efforts and exclusively because of them. Isn’t this what is expected by many Americans and ordinary people from the rest part of the world?

But the story is filled with not so simple and straightforward things. The main character is destined to lift up a bit some historical layer – how Titanic died, how she managed to escape not enviable fate of the rest of its passengers. Therefore, the ocean liner’s tragedy does not leave only the heavy memories; it does not seem so hopeless. Rather, the story of Margaret Brown becomes more significant against the backdrop of such a serious accident. Molly was a real national hero, immortalized in the musical performance. Those who watched Titanic by James Cameron, for sure remember Molly Brown amongst the characters – she dressed-up young Jack for the dinner.

It is also interesting that although the biography of Margaret overgrown with all sorts of stories and fables because of reporters and journalists, the show is almost autobiographical musical about Molly’s childhood, who really had the character of a fighter, and she was not ready to live with own poverty and illiteracy. She tried every way to enter to a better life and wanted to cultivate. And even when on the way to her personal happiness has risen disastrous wreck of the ship from colliding with an iceberg, it did not break her, but even made it possible to save the lives of many other passengers.

This musical is easy to perceive, cheerful and instructive – it is full of fun melodies, evokes positive emotions, recreates perfect suits of the era and the entourage of the beginning of the century. And those facts, as the produced radio play, the shot film, and the performed musical based on the book, as well as repeated revivals of it through dozens of years, say that the golden classic with a good story basis, affecting the eternal values, never loses popularity.
Last Update:July, 25th 2016

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