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Thoroughly Modern Millie synopsis

A young girl Millie comes to New York from the province in 1922. She has decided to achieve success in life. She tears off a return ticket not to be tempted to return. First of all, she makes modern hairstyle & a girl is robbed at once; they steal a purse, hat, bag & even shoes. Terrified, she asks for help from the first comer Jimmy – carefree young guy. He advises her to go home & not to have the empty hopes – girls like her from the provinces lost a lot here. A girl considers words from this fellow, but then Millie rents the inn’s number for women who live alone.

After some time a girl is acquainted to inn’s hostess, which works for criminal gangs of Hong Kong. She kidnaps girls-orphans, who live in her hotel & sells these girls to public houses, to the East. Provincial lassie has nothing to pay for housing & so a hostess desires to expel a provincial. Millie meets a rich girl Dorothy. The latter desires to get acquainted with life from the other side. Provincial girl invites her to live with her in ‘Priscilla’, paying rent for a room. Overhearing their conversation, inn’s hostess offers provincial girl to stay in a room that she had hired & her new friend – to live in nearby one, which was released as a former tenant received work in Asia. Two Chinese people work in this inn. Their goal is to earn more funds to transfer parents to the US. One of them & inn’s hostess want to kidnap Dorothy & send a girl to Asia. Nevertheless, Chinese man realizes that he has an affection to a girl and gives a vault to oneself to save her.

Provincial girl gets a stenographer job & decides that the shortest way to success is a marriage to the boss, Mr. Graydon. They want to solemnize a new job, and so friends go to the nearby bar, meeting Jimmy there. Suddenly the police take everyone inside the club to jail. Jailed, a young man understands his true affection to this provincial girl. He invites a girl to a concert of the known performer. When the concert ended, a girl told him about her plans with the boss. Jimmy gives her osculation before running away. The girl understands her mutual affection to him too. During the next night, she overhears Dorothy & Jimmy talk about her & then he secretly leaves the hotel. Provincial girl decides that her boyfriend is cheating on her & decides not to meet with him anymore.

Dorothy visits provincial lassie at work & her boss loses his heart for her. Jimmy confesses his affection towards Millie, but the fellow is very not reach. He washes dishes in an institution, where Muzzy sings. Millie visits singer for advice & the latter says that you cannot change love for money. At this time, the boss Graydon tells that Dorothy is missing & in the hotel, they say that she went to Asia. They understand that the girl was kidnapped & go to police, who arrests the mistress of the hotel. The girl is saved by Ching Ho, who loves her.

Jimmy reveals Millie he is a stepchild of Muzzy, his real name was Herbert Hossmere third, he is a rich groom & now this girl can safely marry him. & her friend is his sibling. They concealed their real names on the advice of their stepmother, to find true love. Dorothy stays with her Chinese savior.
Last Update:July, 18th 2016

Thoroughly Modern Millie Lyrics

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