Thoroughly Modern Millie review

Thoroughly Modern Millie Review - Broadway musical

Spectacular ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ looks more like a good fairy tale. It is written after the eponymous film of 1967 with magnificent Julie Andrews in the main role. This is the story that stays modern till now. Many of its turns are used even in 2016’s animated motion picture ‘Zootopia’, which gained more than USD 1 billion in the box office. It shows that this story can happen not only in any country, but even in the minded-up animal society.

This is a typical story of a girl from the provinces who came to conquer big New York. Twenties years of the last century were not the best times for the country. There are gloomy characters (like Miss Meers) in the performance, and the scene of the robbery, which is classical for New York, is also included. But all this cannot spoil the atmosphere of overall joy and fun and expectations for new achievements. Due to saturation of performance with dances, songs, very cheerful and bright costumes, life seems bright and carefree on the scene. Optimism and easy attitude to the problems of the main characters are staggering. These are her words that really represent a girl: ‘I have decided to marry my boss, but I do not have one yet’. Only a person who infinitely believes in herself, in her good fortune, and sees no obstacles, can succeed. Indeed, it did not work with the boss, but she received a rich prince who told everyone he was poor (this turn of scenario was used in the film with Eddie Murphy, when he went to US to find his true love and told everyone he was a poor fellow, not a country’s prince). Realizing that such luck falls one in a million, you still believe it after seeing the musical. Especially when here and there, you see lots of young rich guys, whose richness can only be explained as pure luck or exhibiting themselves in the social networks. Perhaps thanks to this philosophy of success, the show has become so popular. The viewer sees a positive development of life scenario, of which everyone dreams.

Music, lyrics, provocative dancing, perfectly staged light, constantly changing faces and scenic costumes not for a minute allow the viewer to get bored. This is a kind story, where good always triumphs over evil, especially when evil here is blurry and general notion of ‘evil’ means poorness and lack of money in life. It is good to visit theater in a big company as a continuation of friendly party. Positive emotions are provided, and after watching, you can continue to have fun!

The musical won the awards from: Drama Desk as an outstanding musical in 2002; best actress – S. Foster; best director – M. Mayer; outstanding orchestration – D. Besterman & R. Burns; 5 Tony Awards; the show was nominated for Drama Desk in six categories.
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