Sweet Charity synopsis

Sweet Charity synopsis

Sweet Charity Synopsis - Broadway musical

Young woman named Charity is working as a dance partner in the Fandango Ballroom. Soon she met in the park with a guy Charlie. When Charity started to admire his appearance, the man grabbed a woman's purse, pushed her into the lake, and fled. Passing-by Spaniard helped the victim to get to the shore. Returning to work, Charity began to convince others that there was no trouble. The friend said to the woman – she is too good in heart, and that various crooks make in use. Finished working, Charity went home. On the way, she gave all her money to the beggars. Soon a dancer had witnessed the quarrel between the film star Vittorio and his girlfriend Ursula. The woman left her lover, refusing to return to the club. Vittorio did not go after her, but simply invited Charity there. While dancing with the actor, she fainted, because she did not eat anything from the very morning. Woman woke up already in the apartment of Vittorio. The dancer said that she was not hungry, and told the actor of the place of her work. The man liked the honesty and humor of his new friend. When a girl asked from him an autograph on photo for memory, Vittorio agreed. When the actor was looking for a picture, Ursula came to him, to apologize for her behavior. Charity sat up till the morning in the closet, and then a man secretly released her from the apartment.

When her friends found out about this meeting, they were disappointed by the fact that a woman was not able to get acquainted with Vittorio closer. Soon the dancers began to discuss their future – none of them was going to be a lifetime partner on call. Charity began to think about her fate seriously. The woman went to the community center to find out whether there was a decent job for her. Dancer stuck in an elevator with a shy accountant Oscar. When he started to have a claustrophobic seizure, Charity helped him. She learned that the man was a bachelor. Oscar was able to hold on until the elevator had been launched. After the liberation, accountant invited a woman to go to church with him. Pondering a little, Charity decided to do it. It turned out that hippies went in that religious institution. Soon they were dispersed by the police. Saying goodbye to a new friend, Oscar tried to guess her place of work. He suggested that the woman was working in the bank. Lying, Charity confirmed his guess. Accountant and dancer agreed a new date.

After some time, the woman began to worry that she could become too dependent on Oscar. Charity was also worrying about the lie that she had said earlier. After appearance of a new girl-dancer in the new Fandango Ballroom, visitors stopped inviting her. A woman decided to leave work. Soon she sent an accountant a telegram asking him for a new meeting. When Charity told him about her profession, it became clear that Oscar was already aware of this – he could not resist and followed the dancer to the hall. Accountant suggested the woman to marry him. Soon happy Charity started to gather her belongings. After the farewell party, she left the Fandango Ballroom with Oscar. When the couple came to the park, an accountant unexpectedly announced that he could not forget those men with whom Charity met earlier. Oscar broke off their engagement and pushed the woman into the lake. After ex-fiancé escaped, dancer climbed ashore herself. Charity could be consoled only by the fact that this time her purse was left with her.
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