Spoof Odyssey review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Forbidden Broadway 2001 (Another Op'nin', Another Show) 
  2. Futuristic Stewardess / Usherette (Come Fly With Me) 
  3. Judi Dench (Why Can't the English) 
  4. Trouble in New York City (Trouble) 
  5. The Music Man Revival 2001 (Till There Was You) 
  6. Cole Porter (You're the Top) 
  7. Kiss Me, Kate Revival 2001 (Wunderbar) 
  8. I Hate Ben - Marin Mazzie (I Hate Men) 
  9. Cheryl Ladd in Annie Get Your Gun (There's No Business Like Show Business) 
  10. Miss Saigon Farewell (Why God Why?) 
  11. Saturday Night Fiasco (Stayin' Alive) 
  12. Gwen Verdon & The Fosse Dancers (I'm A Brass Band / Steam Heat) 
  13. Liza Minnelli 2001 / Alan Cumming In Cabaret (Wilkommen) 
  14. Let's Ruin Times Square Again (Let's Do the Time Warp Again) 
  15. Ethyl Merman & Elton John (I've Got Rhythm / Old Fashioned Wedding) 
  16. Beauty's Been Decreased (Beauty and the Beast)
  17. Being Lupone (Being Alive) 
  18. Sondheim's Blues (Buddy's Blues) 
  19. Streisand's Farewell Tour (Happy Days Are Here Again / Mame) 
  20. Les Miz 2001 (Milord / Stars) 
  21. Aida Amneris Intro / It's Cheesy (Every Story Is A Love Story / Easy As Life) 
  22. Elaborate Sets (Aida Continued) (Elaborate Lives) 
  23. Angela Lansbury (I Don't Want To Know) 
  24. The Full Monty (Let It Go) 
  25. 76 Hit Shows (76 Trombones) 
  26. Bows-Ta-Ta Folks (Another Op'nin', Another Show) 
  27. Joseph and the Amazing High "C" (Any Dream Will Do)
  28. Forbidden Broadway 2001 (Another Op'nin', Another Show)

Spoof Odyssey review

Spoof Odyssey Review - Broadway musical

Critics have called it one of the most successful sequences of songs among Forbidden Broadway cycle (at least, at the time when there were only 11 pieces of one, among which this was the last).

As usual, there is nothing forbidden for this off–Broadway miracle that allows itself to parody the musicals of the first magnitude, and well-known actors, many of which were included in the cohort of celebrities. At the time of doing this review, this musical has already given its last performance in 2014, but this particular part was exhibited in 2000 and lasted until 2001, winning the Drama Desk Award. Moreover, in addition to direct habitat place – Off-Broadway – the show wheeled on the US territory, giving dozens of performances and by thus, greatly prepared a fertile ground for the emergence of the next part, named 20th Anniversary Celebration, which was launched in 2011, just a couple of months after the end of A Spoof Odyssey, this piece.

In a series of the show, this is 11th part (exactly in the middle of all 21 versions). Also, an album of music has been recorded on a CD, which incorporates not only some of twenty-eight songs that were specifically in this version, but also some couple of songs that have been accumulated by that time from other shows. Next histrionics came out four years later, with the next largest incarnation, Special Victims Unit, which was preceded by yet another significant release in the cycle – Rude Awakening, 2008.

This part focuses not so much on the parody of the other shows, as on Broadway itself, as a big moneymaking business – There's No Business Like Show Business, as an example of the title song. This song clearly characterizes the mood of this entire collection, a plentiful list of gags, humorousness, fun and good mood. Here are irrepressible comparison between the Americans and the British, in the royal style of Judi Dench, full of charm. However, few new musicals were staging between the last part of Forbidden Broadway and the current one, so little as flying ferrets on Wall Street, so the Forbidden Broadway this time was forced to focus on the Broadway plays’ behind-the-scenes things that happen during the preparation of histrionics for public. That is, you can see a lot of gags, in which the actors parody themselves, their directors and the entire creative process.

Beauty With The Least – a parody of the budget cutoffs when length of the play is shortened or part of the cast is truncated to meet the saving plan purposes – this often happens when some show on Broadway does not do as well as it planned at its start. Ben Brantley, who worked as the chief critic for The New York Times, is a part of an interesting parody that consider the role of critics as such in the success or failure of any a show (I Hate Ben – the name of the song expresses the full irritation of the actors by the critics). Christine Pedi, who performs this melody, seems so natural in her way when creating new identities during displaying any person.
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