Something Rotten! synopsis

Something Rotten! Synopsis - Broadway musical

In 1590-ies, William Shakespeare was nicknamed as The Bard. Minstrel told the audience the story of two brothers Bottom, who managed the theater troupe. Their patron Lord Clapham announced that the play ‘Richard II’, which was under the maintenance of Nigel & Nick, would be prepared by Shakespeare. Relatives’ indignation knew no bounds – they knew that the playwright has already created the next part of this story and return to the previous one, according to them, was unacceptable. Lord said that if by tomorrow they would not have a new song, he’ll cease to support the theater of Bottoms.

Returning home, Nick & Nigel met yet another sponsor, who wanted to invest in their production, but according to the law had no right to do so, because he was a Jew. When Nick was trying to take money out of a home piggy bank, he received a comeuppance from his wife. Eventually, the man managed to get to these coins in several days. Bottom was going to go to Nostradamus, to find out what production is required to defeat the hated Shakespeare. Going to the nephew of the famous soothsayer, Nick found out – it is necessary to make a play in which everyone would sing. The idea seemed to choreographer funny, but he decided to follow the advice of Nostradamus. Faced with Nigel, Bottom made him to turn off the puritan girl, with whom he had flirting.

After Portia left, joyful Nick told a sibling to create a musical, omitting that he was advised to do so by Nostradamus. Argue a bit about what kind of performance they would do, the brothers decided on ‘The Black Death’ play as the best option. Their patron was very unhappy with the behavior of the company and the choice of the title song for the musical. Nigel had decided to write a new play, but was distracted by entered Portia. They together went to a party organized by Shakespeare – the young man received an invitation by sending his poems to The Bard. After a while, there came Nick. He pulled out a sonnet of brother off Shakespeare's hands, accusing the latter in plagiarism.

Soon, Nick went to Nostradamus again. The playwright wanted to find out what new hit will Shakespeare prepare for the show. Misinterpreting the name ‘Hamlet’, the prophet said, that it would be called ‘Omelet’. He also said that the histrionics would tell about the Danish dough. In his dreams, Nick saw himself beating a hated rival. At this time, Shakespeare has learned from a spy that the brothers were hunting after his hit. Trying to find an idea for a new play, playwright disguised himself and implemented in the company of competitors. Naming himself Toby Belch, he learned that the brothers would stage a thing about the eggs. Its production covertly was funded by Shylock the Jew.

Nigel did not like about the idea of the omelet, and he began to write a new play about Hamlet. When the playwright told this brother about it, they had a skirmish that was overheard by Shakespeare. During the premiere, The Bard took off his disguise and accused Nick and Nigel in plagiarism – in their musical were many references to other plays. The court sentenced the brothers, Shylock and Nostradamus to exile in America. Along with them went Bea & Portia. In the New World Nick heard that Shakespeare created the play ‘Hamlet’. Nostradamus was glad that his visions were so close to the truth.
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