Salad Days synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Opening 
  3. The Things That Are Done By A Don The Things That Are Done By A Don Video
  4. We Said We Wouldn't Look Back
  5. Find Yourself Something To Do Find Yourself Something To Do Video
  6. I Sit In The Sun
  7. Oh Look at Me, I'm Dancing Due Oh Look at Me, I'm Dancing Due Video
  8. Hush-Hush Hush-Hush Video
  9. Out Of Breath Out Of Breath Video
  10. Act 2
  11. Cleopatra Cleopatra Video
  12. Sand in My Eyes 
  13. It's Easy To Sing It's Easy To Sing Video
  14. We're Looking For A Piano We're Looking For A Piano Video
  15. The Time Of My Life
  16. The Saucer Song The Saucer Song Video
  17. We Don't Understand Our Children We Don't Understand Our Children Video
  18. Oh, Look at Me! (Reprise) 
  19. We Said we Couldn't Look Back (Reprise) 
  20. Other Songs
  21. Medley From 'Salad Days' 1 
  22. Medley From 'Salad Days' 2 
  23. Vocal Gems From 'Salad Days' 1 
  24. Vocal Gems From 'Salad Days' 2 
  25. Fandango 
  26. He Vowed He Came To Save You 
  27. Tho' Cause For Suspicion Appears 
  28. I Loved Him For Himself Alone 
  29. Never May'st Thou Happy Be 
  30. Let's Take A Stroll Through London 
  31. We Smile 

Salad Days synopsis

Salad Days Synopsis - Broadway musical

Near the University, together with the old street piano, there was Mr. Tramp. He tried to find the right melody, but he was interrupted – a group of students started to say goodbye to their friends, who were already graduates. Jane and Timothy were sad to leave the university, but they understood – the new stage of their lives has begun. The future to the young couple seemed hazy, although parents very actively were trying to arrange their children. According to them, for Jane it was only one way – a good marriage. From Timothy it was required to go to work to his uncle, in the Ministry. When they met again in the park, young people began to think about their future life. They decided to get married and settle on the very first work, which they’ll be suggested. Soon they met Tramp, who transported his piano somewhere. He promised the young couple to pay £7 a week, if Jane and Timothy would agree to take care of his piano. Hearing the game of Tramp, a boy and a girl suddenly felt that under this music they want to dance uncontrollably – the legs themselves started to dance.

Timothy temporarily agreed to work with his uncle in the Ministry. But he soon went back to the park to Jane and piano. Young people nicknamed an instrument as ‘Minnie’. Under the game of piano, again danced everyone who heard it – from the boys to the police officers. People were already exhausted from constant dancing, but still continued to move to the music. Fan of Jane, unaware of her secret marriage, invited her to a nightclub. After seeing an unusual cabaret show, at the exit they faced with Timothy. The young couple began to try to convince their new friend Nigel to sing something. Soon the news about an unusual piano came to Minister of Pleasures and Pastimes, who hated entertainment. He decided to destroy dangerous instrument. Timothy and Jane tried to hide Minnie, but to their dismay, young people have discovered that the piano disappeared. They immediately began to search for it.

Suddenly, the girl met Tramp. The owner was not overwhelmed about the disappearance of the instrument, and that for a bit reassured Jane. The young couple were assisted by Timothy’s relative. Uncle Zed was funny scientist, and at his disposal was a flying saucer. While Jane and Timothy looked for Minnie from a height, their mothers could not understand where the young people were. Soon the piano was discovered. Once a month of looking after Minnie expired, Tramp handed it to another pair in love – Nigel and Fiona. The boy discovered with delight that could play on this instrument well and to sing. For Jane and Timothy, it was not easy to part with the piano, but they understood that further happiness depended only on them. Young couple decided to go through life only forward and not look back.
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