Peter Pan synopsis

Peter Pan synopsis

Peter Pan Synopsis - Broadway musical

When a family of Darlings came to rest not in their home, Nana the dog was left in the street. It usually protected kids. Even very strange discovery inside kids’ bedroom – an apparition of some boy – did not change the decision to take a rest. Parents have left the building & their children fell in the hugs of Morpheus. In the place flied-in a fairy Tinker Bell & Peter Pan. They began to search for the lost shadow. Finding that he cannot attach a shadow to the body, Peter was very upset. Crying of Pan woke Wendy. The girl helped the boy sewing his shadow to shoes. Seeing now that he's all right, Peter told her about the country of Neverland, where the lost boy lived. When a girl woke up the brothers, an unusual guest offered to children to go with him & they gladly agreed. Sprinkling them with magic dust, Peter taught Wendy, John & Michael how to fly. They soon hit the road.

As long as the lost boys were expecting the return of their commander, Captain Hook had found the entrance to their secret hideout. Pirate hated Peter because he cut off his hand, then gave it to a crocodile. Since then, Captain hunted Peter. Due to the ticking of the clock that reptile swallowed, pirate recognized the approaching danger. Finding shelter of children, Hook decided to cook for them a poisoned cake, but he was scared by the sound of the clock. Seeing in the sky a spot, one of the boys shot it. He hit into a flying Wendy. To the fallen girl had descended Peter, John & Michael. A small house was build around her. When she came into consciousness, Wendy agreed to become a mother to the lost boys. She would not let the children eat a poisonous cake that has been prepared for them by pirates. Angered Hook decided to kidnap the girl.

When Peter freed from captivity Tiger the Indian, he established peace between the Indians & lost boys. Deciding to return home, kids offered their new friends to go with them. Only Peter refused the invitation. Wendy had promised to fly to him once a year in the spring to make a big cleaning. Pirates defeated the Indians & captured the departing children. In frustration, Peter didn’t see as Captain poured poison into medicine of Wendy. Fairy had warned him that the children were in trouble. She drank the poison herself & thus protected the boy. Fairy was eventually rescued by children around the world who have been clapping in hands in a sign that they believe in fairies. Going to the aid of friends, Peter took a sword & a clock.

When Captain heard the ticking, he decided that a crocodile made his way to the ship. Peter freed Indians & children. Dressed as a pirate, he pretended that he had killed all the lost boys. Captain believed him. The crew felt that Wendy brought misfortune to their ship & decided to drown her. Peter, Indians & lost boys rescued the girl. Captain fell over the side of the ship, where he was expected by a crocodile. Peter also threw there a bomb with which Captain wanted to explode the pirate ship. Children returned home from Neverland. When Peter again saw Wendy, she was already grown up woman. He took with him to Neverland her daughter, who knew him from mother's stories.
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