Parade synopsis

Parade synopsis

Parade Synopsis - Broadway musical

In the Marietta town, there was a parade, dedicated to the memory of the Confederacy. After the start of celebration, Jewish Yankees Leo, who grew up in Brooklyn, again experienced the discomfort of living in this town. Negative feelings of men influenced his relationship with wife. Lucille wanted to go on a picnic with her husband, but a man decided to go to work. At the same time, two teenagers were riding at a tram and flirting with each other. Frankie wanted Mary went with him to the movie, but the 13-year-old girl did not agree to it. Soon, she stated that she had to go to the factory and get her paycheck.

When Leo went to work, his wife began to reflect on their marriage. She began to doubt about the correctness of own decision to marry this man. Mary came to the factory and received a salary from the manager. That same night, in the house of Frank knocked detective Starnes and officer Ivey. They took Leo to the factory. They found a dead Mary, abused by someone. The body of a girl was found by a black security guard. The police began to suspect the man of having committed a crime, but he pleaded not guilty. The guard said that after the body was found, no one answered at his call to manager of the factory. Police arrested Leo, but did not charge him yet. Soon the family of a murdered girl found out about her death.

Reporter Britt decided to make his career on this event. Governor Slaton began to make pressure on the Prosecutor Mr. Dorsey. Britt attended the funeral of a girl. He saw that the locals were furious about the crime. Frankie vowed to revenge the killer. The same said Tom, a writer for the local extremist newspaper. Prosecutor had questioned the security guard of the factory. Having received no information, he ordered the release him, as he didn’t want to damage own career. Dorsey suspected the manager in murder and sent police to find witnesses. Reporter Craig launched a campaign of denigration of Leo.

The prosecutor made a deal with a factory janitor. He, former convict, agreed to give false testimonies against Leo. Manager asked his wife to attend the trial. They realized that truly love each other. The prosecutor invited the witnesses, who testified that Leo called attention to Mary. Jim said about his aid in order to conceal the murder. The charges were false, but the judge found the man guilty. The manager was sentenced to death. The lawyer and the defendant appealed. Lucille tried to help her husband. She was able to meet with the Governor. The woman said that the sentence was handed down based on false charges. The governor agreed to review the case of the murder.

Slaton met with eyewitnesses. Many people have reported that the public prosecutor forced them to testify. Only ex-convict has not retracted his words. After much deliberation, the governor changed the verdict. He decided that Leo would be prosecuted to a life sentence in prison. Furious residents of Marietta secretly kidnapped manager. They tried to force him to confess the murder, but the man said that he was innocent. Only officer Ivey believed him. Soon a crowd lynched Leo. Lucille had decided not to leave the city, where was held the execution of her husband. Departure would confirm the false accusations against Leo, and the death of the man would be in vain. At the end, the inhabitants of Marietta reiterated the parade in memory of the Confederacy.
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