On The Town synopsis

On The Town synopsis

On The Town Synopsis - Broadway musical

In 1944, three sailors received a daily vacation. Chip wanted to see the sights of New York. Ozzie wanted to find a girlfriend. Gabey wanted to meet the girl, similar to his classmate. Near the subway, sailors saw a poster with Ivy Smith – ‘Miss Turnstile’ in June. When Gabey tore a picture off, he was scolded by an old woman. She said that the sailor would be arrested for vandalism. Trinity ran away from the crime scene. Gabey wanted to meet Ivy Smith & comrades decided to help him in this. Sailors went to different places, hoping to find a girl. The old woman called police & they began to look for violators.

Taxi driver Hildy was caught by her boss sleeping in the car. The man kicked her out & told to come back in an hour. Soon a girl met Chip & fell in love with him. Kiss had no effect on a sailor – he was looking for Ivy. Hildy invited him to tour around the city, but the places that the man wanted to visit, were either destroyed or were not in their best shape. She wanted to bring a guy to her place. At this time, possessor of the vehicle decided that the driver had stolen it. He joined the old woman & the police in the chase.

Ozzie was searching for Ivy at the Museum, but accidentally entered in the Natural History’s Museum. There sailor met Claire. The anthropologist was struck by similarity of person with primitive man. She asked for permission to measure him. He made a mistake by adopting scientific curiosity for love one. The woman explained that she was engaged. Claire & Ozzie accidentally destroyed the dino. Professor, who had gathered his skeleton, chased them, joining the old woman, the police & owner of the cab.

A girl from the poster took vocal lessons. In fact, she was not so glamorous, how the contest portrayed her. She performed erotic dances. As soon as the teacher left, in the hall appeared Gabey. The sailor was struck, when received consent from Ivy to go out. After conducting Claire to hers place, Ozzie met there with her fiancé. The judge did not believe in their explanation of why they had come together. He reminded Claire, that soon they would have a meeting & left. Hildy led Chip home. Girl seduced a sailor with her talents – especially culinary ones.

Ivy was going to relax with Gabey. But then Madame Dilly said that the girl should go to work. Otherwise, she would be fired & would not receive a fee for training. The girl was forced to leave the sailor be. Chip & Ozzie have brought to Nedick’s bar their girlfriends, dressed as Ivy. But they were not able to cheat a friend – the sailor told about a meeting with a true girl. Madame Dilly came & said that Ivy would not come on a date. Hildy promised to invite a girlfriend for Gabey. The company went after Lucy to another club. There they met a judge who once again did not take Claire’s explanation. Gabey soon learned that Ivy would be performing at Coney Island. He immediately went there with his friends behind him.

Ivy performed dance of concubine from harem of Maharaja. When she saw Gabey, he accidentally broke the meager outfit of a girl. Ivy was arrested for indecent exposure. Then the terrible pursuers came. They demanded the arrest of sailors for breaches. The girls asked the judge, who joined the pursuit, whether he made mistakes. A negative response of the man was interrupted by his sneeze. The judge could catch could only by very close contact with Lucy – only she had a runny nose from all present. As a result, the judge’s accusations looked untenable. Saying goodbye to beloved ones, the sailors returned to the ship on time.
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