Oklahoma synopsis

Oklahoma synopsis

Oklahoma Synopsis - Broadway musical

1906, Oklahoma. Cowboy Curly was looking forward to meeting with Laurey. After meeting, they began to tease each other. They were watched by aunt Eller. That night dance party should be held, during which the auction must have been conducted on which baskets with lunch cooked by the local girls should be sold. The buyer would receive the right to dine with the owner, who exhibits her cooking for sale. Residents have decided with the help of an auction to raise money for school repairs. Curly invited Laurey to go with him to a party, but she turned him down. Cowboy promised to buy her basket, but she did not believe the young man.

Jud Fry invited Laurey to the dance. Farm worker was madly in love with her. A girl accepted his invitation to upset Curly. At this time, Will Parker was back from Kansas City. He won at the show USD 50. With this money, cowboy could marry Ado – that was the demand of her father. But foolish lover spent the entire amount on gifts for a girl. Also a cowboy bought for Mr. Carnes ‘Little Wonder’ – a metal tube, which used to view the photos. Inside this thing was hidden a secret blade, about what cowboy had no idea.

Ado admitted Laurey that she began dating a Persian merchant. A friend advised her to have only one admirer, but a girl said that she also loves Will. While Laurey and her friends got ready to the party, Ado Gertie began to flirt with Curly. Mr. Carnes saw his daughter in the arms of Ali. At gunpoint, he forced the Persian to promise to marry Ado. When Curly learned that Laurey goes to a party with Fry, he again asked the beloved to go with him. A girl refused, because she was afraid of Fry. Upset cowboy went to the man, and he had a very intense conversation with Jud.

A girl was confused because of the feelings experienced to Curly and concerned about the behavior of Fry. She bought a magic potion from Hakim, which allegedly showed true love. In fact, Laurey bought opium. In narcotic dreams, a girl saw herself a bride of Curly. Then there appeared Fry, who killed a cowboy. When she came into herself, a girl realized who was her betrothed, but Laurey had to go on a party with Fry. Aunt Eller had to chill down arisen on holiday hassle, using a gun.

Ali did not want to marry Ado, so he bought souvenirs from Will Parker for USD 50. ‘Little Wonder’ was acquired by Fry – he knew about the dangerous secret of this thing. Soon auction began. Will wanted to buy a basket of his beloved, without thinking that he again would lose USD 50. Ali overcame his bid, wanting to get rid of the bride. Cowboy had money now, so now he could marry a girl. For Laurey’s cart developed the battle – Jud did not intend to give it to anyone. Curly was able to purchase a lunch of a girl, giving for it a horse, saddle and a gun. Aunt Eller intervened in Jud’s secret attempt to kill the cowboy. Curly and Laurey settled their relationships.

Jud Fry was angry to learn about the true feelings of the girl, and Laurey fired him. Before leaving, the man threatened to her. A girl only felt safe near Curly. Cowboy realized that he must become a farmer. At this time, Hakim decided to go to another city. Saying goodbye, he convinced Ado that her betrothed is Will. After 3 weeks, Curly and Laurey got married. Hakim was present on their wedding. Persian under the gun barrel was married to Gertie. A drunken Jud arrived at the ceremony. He attacked Curly, fell and bumped onto his own knife. Frontier justice found a cowboy not guilty in the death of a man. After that, the couple began their honeymoon.
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