Oklahoma review

Oklahoma review

Oklahoma Review - Broadway musical

This musical was the 1st common work of O. Hammerstein & R. Rodgers. In 1931, in the Theatre Guild staged a play of L. Riggs, which haven’t gain success. Despite this, in 1941 the producer T. Helburn decided to create music spectacular with this play in the core. She turned to Rodgers & Hart with a proposal to work on this performance. After some time a partner of the composer was forced to cease working with Rogers. He turned to Hammerstein with a proposal to cooperate on the creation of a new musical. Earlier, the librettist wanted to write histrionics based on the play, but the composer, with whom he had worked at that moment, was not interested in this piece. Therefore, a man gladly responded to the invitation of Rodgers.

For this production, the script was written first, and then written songs. This approach was first used in creation of the musical. When casting, producers considered the actors’ choreographic abilities. The play did not involve any famous artists of its time. After the premiere in New Haven, authors changed the musical name and entered some other alterations. Broadway show caused fantastic delight of the public. Many critics noted the perfect sounding of songs that accurately expressed the feelings of the characters of the play. In 1944, the creators of the musical received a Pulitzer Prize for their brainchild. The performances of different years of this production have been nominated for various awards. Musical was noted by Critics' Circle Aw. & Evening Standard Aw., along with Laurence Olivier.

During the 5-year staging on Broadway, the spectacular earned seven million dollars. In 1944, it was the first national North American tour. Upon its completion, fees amounted to 15 million dollars. In 1945, the musical was shown on US military bases. When 10-year anniversary of productions was reached, it was noted that the show had been watched by 20 million people – in the USA, England, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa & Australia. Shows continued during the WWII. In 2010 and 2015, tours were held in UK. In 2006, translated musical show was in Japan.

In 1955, the film of the same name was shot based on the libretto. Director of the film was Fred Zinnemann. The authors of the musical monitored personally, so that the film did not introduce significant changes comparing to the original production. The motion picture won Academy Awards in three nominations.
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