Oh Captain review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. A Very Proper Town 
  3. Life Does A Man A Favor (When It Gives Him Simple Joys) 
  4. A Very Proper Week 
  5. Life Does A Man A Favor (When It Leads Him Down To The Sea) 
  6. Captain Henry St. James 
  7. The Dock Dance 
  8. Three Paradises 
  9. Surprise 
  10. Life Does A Man A Favor (When It Puts Him In Paree) 
  11. Hey Madame! 
  12. Femininity 
  13. It's Never Quite The Same 
  14. We're Not Children 
  15. Give It All You Got / Love Is Hell 
  16. Love is Hell 
  17. Keep It Simple 
  18. Act 2
  19. The Morning Music Of Montmartre 
  20. You Don't Know Him 
  21. I've Been There And I'm Back 
  22. Double Standard 
  23. All the Time 
  24. You're So Right For Me 
  25. All The Time (Reprise) 
  26. Finale 

Oh Captain review

Oh Captain Review - Broadway musical

The musical is based on the story of the captain of the film ‘The Captain's Paradise’. The creators of the performances only changed the scenery – now the main character was not crossing the Strait of Gibraltar but Le Mans. Double life gave the man the ability to receive all the pleasure at once – from attention of a modest wife, creating comfort and warmth of the family, and ending with unrestrained joy in the company of his mistress in Paris. Possession of own ship allowed captain to believe that his fate was the most successful. But nothing is eternal in this life – soon heavenly pleasure of Henry ended. The Fate decided to intervene in the life of the protagonist. His wife tried to surprise the beloved husband, but in the end, she made a very unpleasant discovery for her own. Realizing that the captain lied to her for a long time, she decided to abandon him. But love is difficult to drive out of beloved heart, so she forgave her inconstant husband.

The captain should understand that such conduct offends two women. But the thirst for pleasure did not give him to understand this. Lightheadedness of the sailor was based on the fact that his wife and the mistress never meet. But after this happened, the man was unable to withstand the fury of the deceived persons and fled to own ship. Thanks to assistant, captain was able to realize his bad behavior. He underestimated his wife. She was not meek and also wanted to have fun. But due to the fact that her husband was enjoying with his mistress, her appeals to him to have fun have been always rejected. If the captain has given more time to his wife, he would have realized that in a modest Englishwoman lies ardent passion and inexhaustible energy.

The appearance of the musical on Broadway was appreciated by the public and critics. They noted that the production is filled with fun, mood, dancing and charming numbers. Artist ideally suited for the lead role – the image of a family man who loves fun, has easy surrendered to Tony Randall. His charisma complemented the story of trickster-captain, allowing the public to understand why women were crazy about Henry. Trying to replace this artist did not lead to success, and the musical was removed from the display. That is why this histrionics was so rare in appearance in theaters – it was very difficult to find the perfect match for the lead role. In 2003, Steve Rhyne managed to get used to the image of the captain. His vocal is perfect for this character. Critics have reacted favorably to the new production, created in the twenty-first century. Easy and melodic, musical enables the public to get a lot of pleasure from the contemplation of the adventures of love-filled Captain.
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