Movin' Out review

Movin' Out review

Movin' Out Review - Broadway musical

Staging of this play is quite unusual. Cast is dancing and only with solely movement should transmit the lyrics & the stories of their characters. The performance is more like a rock ballet rather than the classical musical. The author has managed to embody the idea of all hopes and aspirations of young people, the horrors of war, the pain of loss and disappointment. Boys have suffered much at the front, and now they could not return to their former carefree life. Suffering because of the war syndrome, each of them was looking for a way out of this difficult situation. Tony & Eddie differently got used to civilian life. One young man was trying to get closer to his beloved, and the other wanted to get rid of the memories and aggression with the help of drugs. Only sincere feelings healed the suffering soul. Eddie realized this only after a meeting with a widow of his friend. The life story of five friends ends with reconciliation with oneself and with the world around. Now they can look forward again, hoping to find peace and happiness in the future.

Born in the songs, characters came to life on stage. They showed the public their hopes and disappointments, joy and pain, love and suffering. Ordinary boys and girls did not think that the fate would provide them such serious tests. But they managed to overcome everything and began to live again. Energetic songs and passionate musical, along with ardent choreography helped the viewer to understand each movement of the actors. Various life situations are embodied on the scene – from youth party to the mourning ceremony. The dancers bring to the audience a deep sense of music that sound in the play. Color setting also helps the viewer to experience musical better. Thanks to the excellent performance of the songs, the show fully captivates the attention of the public and becomes a joint thing to everything that happens on stage.

In this performance, a beholder can see almost the entire range of life situations. The basic idea of staging is that sincere feelings will always help to overcome adversities. The main thing is timely support of your closest people. You should also adhere to self-trust. With all this help, you can endure the difficulties and troubles that have arisen in the course of life of human. It is only necessary not to alienate those who want to give you support. Love brings to people's lives a sense of joy and happiness. The main characters prove it on personal experience. Despite wounds, Tony and Eddie could find comfort in the words of those who were not indifferent to their fates.
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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