Miss Liberty review

Miss Liberty review

Miss Liberty Review - Broadway musical

At the heart of the musical is the second book of Robert E. Sherwood. Music & lyrics were written by famous composer Irving Berlin. The project tells the partly fictional story connected with the symbol of America – Statue of Liberty. The hapless journalist goes in search of a woman who was the model for the statue. He mistakenly believes that this Frenchwoman named Monique. The news of this with the speed of an arrow flies all over the world and this leads to unpredictable results. In addition to other compositions, in the production sounds the sonnet of Emma Lazarus named The New Colossus. The words of last are on the monument underneath the statue. During the World War II, Robert E. Sherwood was deeply moved when he learned that the Statue of Liberty is the last thing soldiers see going abroad. He decided to write a story about this symbol of freedom come what may.

The project contains elements of comedy, drama, as well as a distinct romantic line. But the quality of all these components raises many questions. Moss Hart failed to combine them harmoniously within a scope of a single musical. As a result, we see a lot of potential comedic episodes that did not produce the desired effect, and then transfer into drama unexpectedly. The only thing that looks on its place is a love line between Horace and Monique. The latter is filled with pure and sincere feelings, containing a slice of expression and spontaneity. It is likely that the unification between the main characters symbolizes friendship between the French and American nations. Similar symbol, only the material one, here is the Statue of Liberty.

Most of the music of the project executed with piano accompaniment. The songs are characterized by a certain variety. There are dynamic jazz songs and classical music, sung by a professional choir of Norman Luboff. It is interesting to look at the scenic elements. Most often, these are the huge photographs depicting real places of New York and Paris. With this background perfectly combined lush, grotesque outfits of main characters, as well as the classic costumes of trio of heroes. Generally, all that related to installation, maintenance and other auxiliary work, performed in the musical for A++, for which it even was awarded.

The creation shown partly real, partly imaginary events associated with the symbol of American freedom – Statue of Liberty. Creator Robert E. Sherwood has repeatedly said that by this project he wanted to instill in the audience the well-understood feeling of patriotism. World War II just ended, so the emergence of such a play looked quite logical and justified.
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