Little Fish synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Days 
  2. Robert 
  3. It's A Sign 
  4. The Pool 
  5. Winter Is Here 
  6. Short Story 
  7. Perfect Perfect Video
  8. John Paul 
  9. He 
  10. Cigarette Dream 
  11. Flotsam 
  12. I Ran 
  13. The Ninety-Year-Old Man 
  14. By The Way 
  15. Remember Me Remember Me Video
  16. Anne 
  17. Little Fish 
  18. Poor Charlotte 
  19. The Track 
  20. Flotsam ( Reprise) 
  21. Simple Creature Simple Creature Video
  22. Revelations 
  23. In Two's And Three's 

Little Fish synopsis

Little Fish Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical tells about the life of a young, 30-years old woman called Charlotte. She moved to New York a long time ago and now her present differs a lot from her past. By her 30s, she considers herself as a writer of short-stories and is absolutely addicted to smoking cigarettes. Her life without nicotine is quite disappointing as she can clearly see her useless being. She's a stranger in her own body and confronts her past, present and future. Her friends Marco and Kathy suggest various activities to fill her empty life and abstract her from cigarette obsession. There are a lot of hobbies to do, but Charlotte decides to swim and go jogging. She goes deeper in her mind and remembers about 1993, when she dated with her lover Robert and studied English Literature. She understood that her ex-boyfriend, who criticized her all the time, New York roommate-from-hell Cinder and former boss Mr. Bunder, a big fan of martini, have changed her life to what it is now.

She reflects on her childhood character, Anne Frank, who told her about physical and emotional flotsam that interrupts the stream of life. Being unable to stop atrophy, she has finally understood that she suppresses herself and is running away from reality. Now she can fight with her obsession and clear her life from useless jetsam. That moment has really changed her mind and awaked a new interest for life.
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