Leader of the Pack review

Leader of the Pack Review - Broadway musical

Leader of the Pack is a collection of songs of jukebox’s type. The main feature of these compositions is that they are all created by the same composer – E. Greenwich. Every song reflects a certain stage in her life. Vivid narration begins from the middle of the twentieth century. Dreamy girl write songs that has been performed on the radio… It could not become a reality if Ellie had not taken active steps to achieve it.

Through perseverance of talented author, the world was able to hear the unique melodies imbued with ease and cheerfulness. Despite the troubles in personal life, Ellie was able to create many masterpieces that became famous. The popular music of those years cannot be imagined without her compositions. Almost every song, executed in the musical, has enthusiasm of 60s. She embodied pursuit of happiness and personal self-expression in own works. Even in the lyrical songs, we hear the lust of her life.

Scenic images of characters fully reproduce the world of the 60's. Thanks to the wonderful costumes of artists, the beholder can become a part of that glorious time. Stage design underlines the atmosphere and helps the viewer to immerse in the fashion. Music of this period still sounds lively and interesting. Choreography staged very professionally.

Large orchestra was involved in the musical. All songs sound at a high level. Voices of artists fully convey the emotions of characters. In the case of Ellie, it is not surprising – the woman remembers those moments in life, during which these works were written. The pop-rock of '60s sounds at a very decent level. Hits of the time have become classics. After seeing this production, no viewer will remain indifferent. Youth reminds to those people who have already forgotten about it that life never stops. Never grow old in soul – the first rule of the sixties. That based the main meaning of the music here.

Thanks to Ellie, the beholder can again enjoy the wonderful songs from the past. Some people will hear them for the first time, while others can recall the years of childhood and adolescence. Travel back in time is possible without a time machine thanks to works like this.
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