King and I, The review

King and I, The Review - Broadway musical

The musical was very relevant in those days, when it appeared on stage. So much so that there were a few adaptations, and the libretto became the basis for motion picture. The play became more popular because of the film’s arrival. The plot may seem to be something absurd, judging from the today’s points of view. But remember that 2 hundred years ago, there were few educated people and they were appreciated much. Musical depicts historical events, the cultural heritage of Siam very much (so much that the screening of the film was forbidden in Thailand at all), and the plot is so simple and commonplace that one can only wonder to such a stunning success.

Production, in spite of everything, has been made quality. Good choreography, worked-out music numbers and plot ligaments, shifts that do not catch gaze. In those years on Broadway there were dozens of these pieces. It was the golden era of classic plays, and they all went fantastically successful. Critics and ordinary people were flattering about this production. It is impossible not to note the quality of the costumes, hand-picked very thoroughly and meticulously, as from one look at the actors you cease to even think that they were actually not born in Bangkok, plunging into the atmosphere of Oriental life. However, it is worth considering, would this staging had such a success, whether the producer was a true Thai person, because at that times, frankly, the dreams of American and European women hardly have been associated with Asian men, with a few exceptions.

For the general public it was really successful staging. It is light; the story does not concern the global and heavy issues, although it is interesting to watch the way people changed between "then" and "now", noting a striking difference in national identities and social issues, looking at levels of contact between people from different countries. Humor, thin and actual, is perceived easy and pleasant, and the voice of actors are very powerful and suitable for characters, unlike the on-screen version of the musical. It does not allow distractions, immerses a beholder in an unobtrusive plot. Even if all the historical figures, mentioned in this setting, were depicted not truly, who cares if this entertains us?
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