High School 3: Senior Year review

High School 3: Senior Year Review - Broadway musical

It must have happened. End of school life is such a logical conclusion of the movie! Now a viewer will know who everyone will be.

This movie was created with the main focus on dances. It moves away from the realism. The tinted backup dancers unexpectedly appear from nowhere. Fancy-dressed scenes are very rich; the scenery is difficult. The scenario becomes naiver (heroes sing while staying alone. They sing on the trees, on a carpet, eating strawberry, and so forth). Songs and dances become not just an expression of feelings to each other, but also a mentality. At the beginning of the movie, there is an episode, where Troy Bolton faints for a second, and at this moment, he appears to be a participant of a scene, where Gabriella sings to him, and he also answers her with the song. There is also a scene, where Troy sings alone at an empty school, telling about his feelings. The movie has already stopped being just about the musical, it has become the musical itself. And it is necessary to appreciate it for that now. It is already another measure. It is a ready statement for Broadway, it is a performance. And at the performance, a viewer shouldn't be confused about that the lock is drawn, and the parts of the king’s clothes consist of gauze. This is because there is no realism here, but a pretty picture. We see the play, the talent of actors, their identity and relationships of the characters. It is much more important. And in this way, the movie is successful more than ever.

The plot, as usual, is quite simple. Everyone faces a choice: some people have already decided, the others still think, and someone wants to change a long-term decision only now. Sharpay has the last chance to take Troy away and become a school star. Troy can't choose college as he wants to be with Gabriella, but doesn't want to give up basketball and theater. Gabriella faces the choice too: Troy or the dream of her mother. And Ryan, will he be a shadow of his sister or will he prove himself?

The actors are charming. Zac and Vanessa played remarkably, their love lit up every time with a new force. Ashley is very pleasant in this part. Of course, she has matured, as her heroine. And she doesn't irritate as in the second part, where she had "lovely pranks". Lukas Grabeel, at last, has proved himself. The play of Olesya Rulin is also amazing. She has got prettier, as well as her heroine.

It is a pity that the audience won't see this team together anymore – there will be no 4th part. But after all, it is right that the producers have finished the musical on this. It is such a logical conclusion of the story about their life together. This is a worthy farewell of the viewers to the actors they have fallen in love with.
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