Gay Divorce, The review

Gay Divorce, The Review - Broadway musical

The thin subject line involving the audience in series of intrigues and unexpected turns of events makes the musical bright and recognizable one. Mister Astaire is surprisingly good in his first solo performance. The director certainly wasn't mistaken, considering exactly this charismatic actor will be ideally suited for a role of the lover and modest writer of romance novels. Fred's virtuosity on a stage knows no limits and opens him as the many-sided personality, forcing the viewer to clap. Perhaps, the matter is that he is an actor, the dancer, the singer and the choreographer in combination. It is possible that he gave all the best on full, wishing to resume the career, but the fact remains that he coped with the role perfectly.

Claire Luce, playing the beauty – Mimi – who got the main character's heart, doesn't grow dim in this duet at all. The distinguished American with a surprising accuracy caught her role, without any fake changes, but having perfectly got used to it.

It is necessary to hand it also to the talented composer Cole Porter. His lovely "Night and Day", "How's Your Romance?" possess such inexpressible charm that became popular without binding to the musical.

The concert version staged at Carnegie Hall in New York in 1993, was certainly strongly upgraded and wasn't similar to the old "colleagues", but it turned out surprisingly live and bright. Robert Westenberg, who depicted the main character, is an amazing actor, which, even before participation in this musical, received several awards. An actress, well-known on the Broadway, and the soprano-singer, Rebecca Luker made a perfect duet with him.

Certainly, it would be wrong to compare performances of so different temporary intervals, but it is possible to tell with sureness that Gay Divorce with its fascinating plot and lyric songs is aimed on success by itself. It is enough to put a hand of masters, and the audience will be leaving a hall in the tremendous delight.
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