Gay Divorce, The synopsis

Gay Divorce, The synopsis

Gay Divorce, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

The main character of the narration is the American writer, whose name is Guy Holden. The man is leaving for England and suddenly he falls in love at first sight with the charming woman, named Mimi. However, after their fleeting meeting, Mimi unexpectedly disappears, what makes a man to be both depressed and intoxicated with the woman even more strongly.

His friend, the English lawyer, whose name is Teddy Egbert, is able to see how his companion suffers, and wants to distract him from his unhappy love. Together they go to Brighton Beach, where Teddy has an appointment with the “paid codefendant”, who has to help his client with getting a divorce from her grumbling, old and irritable husband, the geologist, named Robert. However, our main character is expected by a big surprise. The thing is that the client of his friend is nobody other, but Mimi, the woman who made him lose his head. She, in turn, recognizes him as that assistant because he hesitates too much to admit in what he is engaged actually, namely – writes second-grade and low-standard romance novels.

Eventually, Mimi's husband doesn't trust in pseudo-unfaithfulness. However, thanks to the waiter in the resort, it becomes clear that he is guilty of the adultery by himself, and now Mimi can easily get a divorce.
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