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Fun Home cast

Music by Jeanine Tesori
Lyrics and Book by Lisa Kron

Alison Bechdel by Beth Malone
Bruce Bechdel by Michael Cerveris
Helen Bechdel by Judy Kuhn
Small Alison by Sydney Lucas
Medium Alison by Emily Skeggs
Christian Bechdel by Oscar Williams
John Bechdel by Zell Morrow
Joan by Roberta Colindrez
Roy/Mark/Pete/Bobby Jeremy by Joel Perez

Last Update:April, 06th 2016

Fun Home Lyrics

  1. It All Comes Back (Opening) Lyrics
  2. Sometimes My Father Appeared To Enjoy Having Children Lyrics 
  3. Welcome to Our House on Maple Avenue Lyrics
  4. Not Too Bad Lyrics
  5. Just Had A Good Talk With Dad Lyrics 
  6. Come To The Fun Home Lyrics
  7. Helen’s Etude Lyrics 
  8. Thanks For The Care Package Lyrics 
  9. Al for Short Lyrics
  10. Changing My Major Lyrics
  11. I Leapt Out Of The Closet Lyrics 
  12. Maps Lyrics
  13. Read A Book Lyrics 
  14. Raincoat of Love Lyrics
  15. I Need More Coffee Lyrics 
  16. Ring of Keys Lyrics
  17. Let Me Introduce You To My Gay Dad Lyrics 
  18. Shortly After We Were Married Lyrics 
  19. Days and Days Lyrics
  20. You Ready To Go For That Drive? Lyrics 
  21. Telephone Wire Lyrics
  22. It Was Great To Have You Home Lyrics 
  23. Edges of the World Lyrics
  24. This Is What I Have Of You Lyrics 
  25. Flying Away (Finale) Lyrics

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