Five Course Love synopsis

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  1. Curtain Speech 
  2. Overture 
  3. A Very Single Man 
  4. Dean's Old-Fashioned All-American Down Home Bar-B-Que Texas Eats Dean's Old-Fashioned All-American Down Home Bar-B-Que Texas Eats Video
  5. Jumpin' The Gun / I Loved You When I Thought Your Name Was Ken Jumpin' The Gun / I Loved You When I Thought Your Name Was Ken Video
  6. Morning Light Morning Light Video
  7. If Nicky Knew If Nicky Knew Video
  8. Give Me This Night Give Me This Night Video
  9. Nicky Knows Nicky Knows Video
  10. Shelter-Lied Shelter-Lied Video
  11. Love Is A Word I Don't Fear Love Is A Word I Don't Fear Video
  12. Der Bumsen-Kratzentanz Der Bumsen-Kratzentanz Video
  13. Risk Love 
  14. Gretchen's Lament Gretchen's Lament Video
  15. The Ballad Of Guillermo The Ballad Of Guillermo Video
  16. Come Be My Love / Pick Me Come Be My Love / Pick Me Video
  17. The Blue Flame The Blue Flame Video
  18. True Love At The Star-Lite Tonight True Love At The Star-Lite Tonight Video
  19. It's A Mystery It's A Mystery Video
  20. Medley Medley Video
  21. Love Looking Back At Me Love Looking Back At Me Video

Five Course Love synopsis

Five Course Love Synopsis - Broadway musical

There is no story line, there are several little plots intertwined closely, telling uncomplicated of how 15 people were looking for their soul mates, in a variety of restaurants. A story is featured to all these characters only by 3 actors. Events are holding at 5 various locations.

In one of them, the waitress seeks her love and wants to get a little help from Cupid in this aspiration. In another, the wife of a gangster, secretly from her husband, is having an affair with a beautiful admirer. In the third, some tough guys are eager for the hand of a beautiful girl, competing with each other in this. The fourth restaurant in Texas shows the audience a picture, where two are at a very unfortunate date, against a background of barbecue wings and legs. Fifth exhibits lovers, realizing one huge thing that wrecks their relationship.

Comedy & tragedy, but the first is more. There are even antagonistic confrontation between two diametrical, dissimilar characters – cowboy-wit joker, opened to the world and bespectacled miserable nerd (it is unclear what he is doing at the restaurant at the first place).

All the action takes place in snack bars and restaurants, so the interior of scenes changes. The viewer sees different ones: a refined Italian restaurant, a Mexican food eatery, Country & Western style, in which the main character is unrestrained cowboy, and a cafe, decorated in the style of the 50s.
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